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Candy Crush Saga Special Candy Combos
Special Candy combinations are sometimes the only essential feature to help you win a level and they definitely add another level of excitement to the game!

Here we have provided an extensive list of Special Candy Combinations – What to use? How to use them? What effects do they make?

Plus, King’s latest sequel, the Candy Crush Soda Saga will use similar combinations of the Special Candy combos below. So you can use this information for the Candy Crush Saga and will even find some useful Candy Crush Soda Saga Hints!

Colour Bomb/Colour Bomb Combo
When detonated this Special Candy Match will create an explosion that clears the entire board of candies.

Colour Bomb/Striped Candy Combo
By matching these two, it will turn all candies that are of the same colour as the Striped Candy, into Striped Candies and then they will all detonate.

Colour Bomb/Wrapped Candy Combo
To begin with, this match will remove all colours of the Wrapped Candy involved and then it will pick another coloured candy at random, in which all candies of that colour will be removed also.

Colour Bomb/Jelly Fish Combo
This combo simply intensifies the original Jelly Fish Booster. When the 3 fish are summoned, their eaten candy will turn into further Jelly Fish, which in turn will activate and eat more candy.

Colour Bomb/Coconut Wheel Combo
Here, the Colour Bomb will activate as usual and then the Coconut Wheel will turn an entire row or column in Striped Candies which will then detonate.

Stripped Candy/Stripped Candy Combo
When you match two Stripped Candies together, they will clear an entire row and column into in the shape of a ‘+’.

Stripped Candy/Wrapped Candy Combo
This match will create a similar effect to the one above, the only difference being that it will clear 3 rows and 3 columns in the shape of a ‘+’.

Stripped Candy/Jelly Fish Combo

When the 3 Jelly Fish are summoned on this match, they will turn their eaten candies into Striped Candies, which will then activate.

Stripped Candy/Coconut Wheel Combo

At first, the Coconut Wheel will turn 3 candies to its side into Striped Candies and then it will fall off the game board and appear at the opposite side when it will turn a 3 further candies into Striped Candies.

Wrapped Candy/Wrapped Candy Combo

This combo will create a large explosion in which it remove candies in the surrounding area by a 5 by 5 square.

Wrapped Candy/Jelly Fish Combo
When this match is made, 3 Jelly Fish will be summoned and will eat 3 candies which in turn will then become Wrapped Candies and explode.

Wrapped Candy/Coconut Wheel Combo
This match will allow the Coconut Wheel to move along either a row or a column and turn every candy involved into a Wrapped Candy, which will then activate.

Coconut Wheel/Coconut Wheel Combo
This match will again allow the Coconut Wheel to move along either a row or a column, but will turn all the coloured candies involved into Striped Candies, which will then activate. This is then repeated for a second time.

A Jelly Fish/Jelly Fish Combo has no effect, it simply does nothing and Coconut Wheel/Jelly Fish Combo will always be impossible as Jelly Fish Boosters can only be used on Jelly Levels and Coconut Wheels can only be used on Ingredient Levels.


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