How To Live Your Life With A Disability

  How To Live Your Life With A Disability If you were in an accident and you are just learning how to live with a disability, you will have a difficult transition ahead of you. Even though it might not seem like it, it is still possible to lead a full and satisfying life even with a disability.

Is It Possible To Live With A Disability?

Many people expect to live long and healthy lives but when a disabling injury comes their way, they do not know what to do. You might stress the most about how your work and romantic life will be affected. Although living with a disability will not be easy, it won’t be tragic either.

Learn To Accept The Disability

It will be very hard to accept your new life, but you must try. Acceptance does not mean throwing in the towel and giving up; it simply means refusing to accept your life is over. Here are some tips that will help you to accept your new reality:

Let yourself mourn – you need to give yourself enough time to mourn the loss before you move on. Not only should you mourn the loss of your mobility but also the loss of future possibilities.

Do not ignore your feelings – most people have a tendency to avoid dealing with painful emotions. However, if you want to heal, allow yourself to feel the pain.

Do not pretend to be happy – even if family and friends surround you, you do not have to put on a happy face for their sake. Pretending to be fine will not help no one, let your loved ones know what you are feeling and let them comfort you.

Come To Terms With Your New Reality

Grieving the life you could have had is quite healthy but you should not do it forever. Accept the following facts of life:

You can still be happy – you can still build a happy life for yourself. It might help to look for inspirational stories from people who have been where you are. Their success will keep you motivated and help you to keep going.

Do not dwell on the past – if you spend most of your time thinking about the things your disability has stolen from you, you will sink into depression. You need to focus on the future without dwelling on the past.

Learn about your disability – obsessing about your medical information isn’t helpful. However, you need to understand your diagnosis if you want to adjust quickly and prepare your body for what is coming.

Minimize The Impact Of Disability In Your Life

As you already know, your disability will change your life in big ways. However, you can still reduce its impact on your life by doing the following:

Being your own advocate – you need to educate yourself about your rights as you adapt to your new life with a disability. When you take charge, you will feel more empowered and the feeling of helplessness will fade.

Set realistic goals – you might have to learn new skills and strategies to lead the best life you can. Moreover, you might need to relearn certain motions. If you are impatient, you will not succeed. Just set realistic goals for yourself while considering your limitations.

Find Help

Find Help

The most important thing you can do for yourself is find help. If you have been denied disability insurance claim for example,  look for a lawyer to help. If you can’t afford a lawyer to represent you, there are crowdfunding platforms such as Plumfund that allow users to share their stories and raise money they need.

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