Making Your Own Jewelry-5 Tips On Best Stones For Custom Jewelry

5 Tips to picking the best stones for custom jewelry

Jewelry has long been used to accent your everyday look. It can transform your look from casual to sophisticated and add glamour to your overall appearance. For a more personalized look, you can have your jewelry custom made. It’s a great way to express your creativity, to show off your personality and fashion style, and also works great as a gift.

Adding stones to jewelry is one of the ways of customizing it. How do you pick the best stones for your custom jewelry? Here are five tips to consider. Multiple Colors of Gem Stones For Custom Jewelry

Birthstone. There’s nothing more personal than choosing a birthstone for your custom jewelry. It speaks about your personality and is always something you can talk about in a conversation. You can find these stones in a variety of colors and you can even combine them with other gemstones that complement their color, shape, and style. Custom jewelry that has a person’s birthstone is also a great gift idea that is perfect for any occasion.

Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat. The color, clarity, cut, and carat are some of the things you should consider not only for diamonds but also for any other type of stone for a piece of jewelry. The ones that attract the most attention are those that have bright and intense colors. The stone’s “flaws” affect its clarity as well as its value. But nevertheless, these “flaws” typically occur and will still result to a beautiful custom jewelry. The cut and the carat weight are based more on your personal preference.
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Durability. You need to take into consideration the hardness of the stone that will be used in your custom jewelry. It has to be able to resist scratches, dents, and other issues. In other words, your stone has to be tough enough to withstand everyday use.  Among the things that are checked when it comes to the durability of a stone include the hardness, cleavage, sensitivity, fracture, and tenacity.

Versatility. Because jewelry is used to accent your look, you need to choose a stone that can easily complement your clothes. This is an important consideration especially if you plan to often wear the custom jewelry. There are a lot of choices available when it comes to colors of precious stones. Combining several colors of stones into one piece of jewelry allows you to be versatile and mix and match this with other pieces and with different fashion trends. Versatile Mix Of Gem Stones For Custom Jewelry

Availability. Some precious stones are only available in certain shapes and sizes. So before you pick out a stone, make sure that it is available in the size or weight that you want. It is also important to take note that rare stones will obviously be hard to find. It would be best to check first with local jewelry stores or online and see if they have the stones that you need for your custom jewelry.

You can shop for precious stones and have them made into custom jewelry or you can design your own. Just remember to take into consideration the tips above so you can pick out the best precious stone for your custom jewelry.


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