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Mattresses – why it is last but not least thing of your room décor

We spend a third of our lives sleeping, which means mattresses play a fundamental role in our daily lifestyles. No matter how expensive and beautiful a bed looks like, if it doesn’t have a comfortable mattress it is useless. Decorating your room and making it look elegant and chic is fine; but don’t forget that the quality of your sleep matters just as much. Many homeowners don’t pay attention to quality when buying a mattress, and some often buy the cheapest type just to get it over with. But then again, if the quality is not good you’ll run up to that store spending extra for one more mattress; worst thing scenario, you can even end up in the hospital with terrible pack and neck pains. Quality Mattresses 1

Choosing the mattress for your needs

There’s a wide variety of mattresses out there on the market, and not all types are the same. In fact, they’re all different and some might not fit your body type. A proper mattress choice can be your closest friend or worst enemy. It will determine how rejuvenated and refreshed you’ll feel the next day. All things considered, it makes perfect sense to invest in a qualitative mattress; it will help you sleep comfortably at night, and activities like reading and watching TV will become a lot more relaxing.

Poor quality sleep has a detrimental effect on your daily lifestyle. It affects your mood, boosts the risk of injury and accidents, and affects judgement. A proper mattress can have a severe impact on your health. Compositions like memory foam, latex, even polyester are highly advised. In case you have special needs, you can easily go for a hybrid mattress, manufactured from a combination of materials and fabrics.

Mattress built

Most mattresses today are designed with support and comfort in mind. Spring tensions are now available in firm, soft and medium-soft variants. Certain varieties have special sides for women and special sides for men. This way, a woman weighing 50 kg can sleep in the same bed with a man weighing 100 kg without feeling any discomfort. Perfect tension is what you should aim for. The spine needs to be kept in optimal condition when sleeping, and it must also be perfectly aligned to avoid pressure points that lead to joint and muscle pain.

How Mattresses Are Built

Types of mattresses

The market is packed with all kinds of mattresses. Some are more qualitative than others. Before spending any money, you should consult with a chiropractor to talk about special needs, physical pains you might have and overall body functions. Next, you should start trying out the mattresses in stores. Lie down and ask your spouse to assess the shape of your spine. Empty spaces must not exist, as the right mattress will mold after your body’s contour perfectly. As far as type is concerned, the following are considered the most common.

  • Pocket sprung – pocket sprung mattresses use a special type of technology with individually installed springs; they follow the natural curves of one’s body, thus ensuring perfect comfort and support. The springs are not linked in any way, which means there’s no rebound or roll-together feel; furthermore, the springs are interwoven and positioned independently. Studies have been proven that pocket sprung mattresses diminish body strain when compared with traditional variants; this happens because they mold after the shape of the body.
  • Memory foam –memory foam mattresses feature one key benefit. When applying pressure, the foam’s cells distribute air pressure fast, which implies that they’re not in a rush to return to their original position. This adds comfort when lying down.
  • Latex – much like memory foam mattresses, latex variants feature more spring-back. All-natural latex, is resistant to dust mites and mold, and it is also antimicrobial. There are two types available: talalay latex which is softer and Dunlop latex which is heavier and denser.

All-Natural Latex Mattresses 3

Last but not least, it might be a good idea to invest in proper bedding. Sheets, covers, pillows are all equally important. An adequate mattress matters the most because it guarantees quality sleep; however, sheets are equally important. Go for top-quality materials like Egyptian cotton or silk, and you’ll sleep like a baby all night long.

By Davis Miller and NaturalMat.co.uk!

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