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If you have watched the news lately (or ever, really!), you have probably heard about just how dangerous social media sites (Facebook, Snap Chat, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) can be, as well as apps you can download on tablets and smartphones. Lots of apps these days require internet access which allows strangers to send you messages or hack into your phone/tablet and gain access to messages, numbers, the camera on your phone, and more. Thankfully there is an app you can download on your smartphone or tablet that gives you ultimate safety control over a child’s device. Whether you are a parent or not, you are guaranteed to know someone who could use an app like this so make sure you spread the word!

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Ourpact is a new app that has been developed with safety in mind. It’s quite simple to use, and it is very effective for those looking to keep children safe from dangerous apps and internet sites on their phones and tablets. Once you download the app, you will need to create an account. This only takes a few minutes and requires minimal information (your name, email address and a password). Note: Never use the same password for an app that you use for your email. Always make sure they are different!

After creating your account, the app will prompt you to head over to a link that has been created specifically for your account using whatever device you would like parental control over. After that, you will be able to pair both devices and begin setting up the parental control settings!

You can block apps, block the internet and set up a scheduled time for usage. This is especially helpful so that children do not use their devices after bedtime or during homework time, dinner, when company is over, etc.OurPact-Feature-Social

If you are interested in getting this app for yourself and your family, you can find it here in the iTunes app store. You should also visit ParentsWare’s website for more information on this app if you have any additional questions! I highly recommend this app to all of my readers looking for added security!

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