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Decoupage Pumpkin

I have featured lots of pumpkins and projects in my Oh My Heartsie Girls Wordless Wednesday and Friday Features parties and decided I wanted to toss in my hat and try to be creative. I have not made anything for a while and wanted to join in the fun. So here goes!!  Decoupage Pumpkin

Decoupage is one of the oldest crafts that uses all different kinds of medians to use in decoupage or ‘modge podge’  from fabric, paper, textiles and for the inspired crafter to renew an object like an old plate, cups, bowls, frames, trays or to create a new project all with the use of a few supplies, brush, modge podge glue, and the fabric textile or paper you chose to cover the object. This time a pumpkin and hangers.Floral Deoupage Pumpkins and Wooden Hangers
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In this project I used decorative paper napkins to make my pumpkin and decorate the hangers.

The first thing I did was paint the pumpkin white as it was orange. Then I just cue the larger flowers out of the napkins, used a bit of glue to hold the napkin in place and painted over each piece with the modge podge glue. with a thin layer of glue. I let this dry for several hours. Once the pumpkin was dry, I painted the entire pumpkin 2 more times with modge podge.  I have seen all kinds of items for stems, like a branch, shells, spoons, and in this case I used a wine cork.


Supplies: Napkins, scissors, modge podge, brush, something for the stem, either felt or silk leaves. Ribbon to add and even pearls or beads for decorating.

Note when using paper napkins:

1- I found in using napkins, as soon as the glue touches it, the napkin will shrink and wrinkle a bit giving dimension, bumps and wrinkle, which is ok with me. You just have to be careful when applying the first layer of glue that you dont overwork the napkin as it will tear.

2- Another, using paper napkins is, there are usually 3 layers so I peeled away 2 of the layers and only used the patterned part of the napkin to use in my project. I tired both ways and it wrinkles more.

3- You can also use parchment paper to mold the fabric or paper onto your object, and peel off once dry.

For more detailed instructions check out PLAID The company that makes ModgePodge Glues

Decoupage Pumpkin and Hanger

To start the hanger project I bought the hangers at Target for $14.00 and I had my son paint them white with spray paint. Then for the hangers I cute just a small flower out to use and applied to the center of the hanger. I thought they would make a great house warming gift or for a teenage girl. But would be cute in any closet. A bit of shabby chic. Decoupage Hangers Using Paper Napkins
And the finished project
Decoupage Pumpkin Hangers

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Another Decoupage Project coming soon!
But until then check out the Transferring Images Onto A Terracotta Pot
And my question, have you ever created a project using modgepodge? What did you make?


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