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Planning a New Hairstyle before Going on Vacation?

Whether you’re searching for winter sun, skiing, an adventure holiday or a scorching hot sunbathing marathon, your hair is going to have a fair bit taken out of it.

When deciding what to do with your hair, first of all, work out what you plan to be doing for the duration of your holiday, and also, how long you’re going to be away, for hairdressers in foreign countries unfortunately have different ideas of what is correct, and the language barrier can at times be troublesome to say the least.

Having long hair is all well and good, however, long hair needs styling, and if you aren’t taking your hair drier, or are going to be relying on the hotels drier, you’ll need a lot of anti frizz treatments such as Serums or gels. It would also be a good idea to get some heat protection for hairdryers in hotels are renowned for just getting hotter and hotter. It would also be a good idea to take your styling irons, a professional comb and a professional round brush. 

If you have long hair, but are going away for quite a long time, get a little bit more cut off so it lasts you through your holiday until you can book back in with your stylist. If you are unsure what to do, hairdressers prefer visual aids as oppose to non-professional vague descriptions.

Be very open minded and create a mood board to show your stylist exactly what you want from colour to length, to layers to end result and they will be able to mix and match everything together to give you a style that is perfect for you.

If you have shorter hair, say a bob or shoulder length, think very carefully about what it is you want in the long run, for extensions may be an option for you. Again, look at creating a mood board and showing your stylist what you want.

For those of you with coloured hair, especially blondes and reds, it will pay dividends for you to buy a temporary colour off your stylist you can do during your holiday to keep your hair looking fresh and evenly toned. If you have red hair, remember the sun will chip away at the colour quicker than a kid can eat cake, so having a non peroxide colour is going to be your best option to keep your red vibrant and not turning pinkish.

Blondes should also see to it that they get a deep cleansing shampoo to remove any chlorine from the hair, especially if using chlorinated pools as chlorine does send blonde hair khaki green. Deep cleansers will also keep you blonde looking blonde and not brassy as they tend to contain citrus extracts.

If you are hoping to go the whole hog for your holiday like so many people do, remember, that once hair is cut, it can’t be stuck back on, and although 99% of colour can be corrected, you are not going to go from black to platinum blonde in one 2 hour sitting, so plan ahead.

If you’re a brunette and want to have a gentler colour, you can opt for a semi permanent colour such as Wella Professionals Colour Touch Plus, or Fudge Head Paint. These will add shine however the lower strength peroxide will not allow the colour to sink too deep into the hair shaft.

If your hair is virgin, why not opt for a gloss treatment, or a Brazilian blow dry they combat frizz and add shine to your hair, making them ideal options for low maintenance hair on your holiday.

Make Sure You Have Any Required Visas!

One thing to keep in mind when you are about to go away on vacation is to ensure you have any required visas in place, and as such we would always recommend you visit websites that are dedicated to give you information on the places you are intending on visiting and any required visas such as if you are thinking of visiting Thailand for example.

There are of course plenty of similar websites available covering every country you could ever want to visit and each of them will offer you a wealth of valuable information regarding visa, travel permits and a whole lot more!

Get the Best Currency Exchange Rate

If you are lucky enough to be in the planning stages of a trip aboard, then make sure between now and the date your trip starts you think long and hard about where you intend to buy your foreign currency from.

Keep in mind that the rates charged for turning one currency into another can and will vary often minute by minute, and with that in mind it will pay dividends for you to make use of a currency exchange rate converter to allow you to see just how much your home currency will be worth in any country or countries you intend to visit.

When you do see a rate you are happy with then that is the time to purchase your foreign currency of course, for the exchange rate may change very quickly, and not always in the direction you had hoped for!

Fun Way to Pass Some Time When Travelling Long Distances

It will of course be where you are going away on holiday that will ultimately determine how long you will have to spend travelling. You may have a long car, train or bus journey ahead of you or you may have to wait hours at an airport or more than one airport to finally get to your destination.

One way I have found I can spend many an hour is by playing at my favourite gambling sites, they are a range of online and mobile bingo sites where you can play bingo and other casino styled games for free or for real money on any smart phone, tablet device or laptop!

You will be amazed at just how quickly time flies when playing at such a site, and it certain beats sitting there staring out a window waiting for you to arrive at your destination or for your plane to finally arrive and whisk you away!

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