How to Register for the ACT

Kids grow up fast. Remember their first day at school? Or how helping with their basic grade school arithmetic made you look like a genius? And then, high school happened. Everything got harder, especially their becoming independent and not needing you as much. It’s healthy, though. Kids grow up to be their own person. Their independence is a sign you […]



 Gardening for kids: 5 links to get your child more involved outdoors

It would be fair to say that we are firmly in an era that is dominated by PlayStation’s, the internet and everything else that involves tech. It means that gardening is often forgotten about. This is despite the fact that it has countless benefits associated with it, including: First and foremost, it’s fun It gives children responsibility It provides them […]


Shopping on a Budget: Top Tips   Recently updated !

It’s easy to overspend when you take a trip to the supermarket or have a day of retail therapy. As lovely as it is to treat yourself occasionally, noticing the sharp depletion of funds in your bank account is enough to turn your stomach. Managing your money effectively can be difficult at times, which is why sitting down and working […]



Friday Features Linky Party 18 comments

Today I come to you with hope in my heart in this time of uncertainty with the Corona Virus. I know for me I have times of anxiety and anxious thoughts and being alone most of the time it can be worse so I have to pull up the bootstraps and not allow myself to fall into a ditch. We […]


3 Things You Can Do If You Lose Your Eyelashes During Chemo

When you’re going through chemotherapy, the last thing you’re thinking about is your looks. You may be feeling weak, nauseous, or just tired. Worrying about your next full body mri scan for cancer will be your first priority until a big event, anniversary, or a birthday comes up. Typically after you’ve completed your therapy, your lashes could take 6-8 weeks to grow […]



If You Cant Find Hand Sanitizing Wipes I Have a Solution 6 comments

Is everyone ready to stay in for a couple of weeks, I hope you were all able to put in supplies, food and some extra water and oh and TP. Well, I have been reading so much in the past week my eyes are strained. I have been doing what everyone else is doing and preparing if I need to […]


5 Best Accessories to Gift your Boyfriend

Buying a gift for your boyfriend can be a bit… let’s just say that it can be a hard time. Especially if you’ve been together for quite some time now, it seems like you’ve gifted him with everything that you could possibly come up with. Socks – check, underwear – check, anything that almost everyone else you come up with […]



Why Home Renovations are Crucial in the Real Estate Industry

Home renovations have grown in popularity over the last two decades. It is now common to find a house undergoing some improvements. Many factors are inspiring the trend but three of them are arguably the most influential. The Need for Sustainable Spaces    One of the notable developments in the twenty-first century is that people have become eco-conscious. The perspective […]


Focus on These Four Diamond-Purchasing Criterion’s

Before Your Hand Shines Bright With a Diamond, Focus on These Four Diamond-Purchasing Criterions Time immemorial, human civilization has seen diamonds as a significant part of society. This gemstone has claimed massive essentiality in our lives. The contributions and usage of diamonds are widespread. The business world, as well as the fashion industry, has seen activities involving diamonds, such as […]



Oh My Heartsie Girls Wonderful Wednesday 18 comments

    Welcome to A Wonderful Wednesday Linky Party #199!! So we all know by now the precautions we should be taking to care for our health for ourselves and our families and especially the elderly. The big thing is to maintain good hygiene and Wash Your Hands Often.  If you need to know precautions, how you should prepare if […]