Enter To Win a $75.00 Pottery Barn Gift Card 5 comments   Recently updated !

Its time for giveaway #5 from Katherines Corner, the giveaway includes a $75.00 Pottery Barn Gift Card Wishing You Good Luck! It’s time for the next giveaway at Katherines Corner . I’m joining Katherine, her sponsor and her hostesses for giveaway 7 of her annual Season of Giveaways. There’s a new giveaway every Saturday until Dec.14th! Please remember to subscribe […]



The Best Family Christmas Activities in Houston

With the holiday season in full swing, Houston is coming alive with stunning light displays downtown and special family-friendly events to celebrate the season. This year, don’t miss these four must-see Christmas events the whole family will enjoy. 1. Lights in the Heights An annual family event, Lights in the Heights will be held on December 14th this year. Stroll […]


Festive Christmas Party Outfit Ideas for a Stylish Celebration   Recently updated !

                                                                                                                       source The holiday season is creeping upon us, and it’s finally time to plan and perfect our fun and festive Christmas […]



Friday Features Linky Party 25 comments   Recently updated !

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, I surely did  I spent time with my son, daughter and her family in Utah, getting to know my great-grandkids better. Now it is time to share your holiday ideas, we all could use fresh ideas. I just got an Instapot and need help, if you have a Pinterest Instapot Board, please […]


Top Engagement Ring Trends for 2020 2 comments   Recently updated !

Whether you’re choosing the perfect engagement ring for a memorable proposal or searching for one for yourself, it’s always a good idea to check the latest trends to gain insight into what’s popular now. You have the option of choosing between many pre-made styles, or you can opt for custom-made sapphire engagement rings that incorporate all your desired ring features […]



Can You Order Online Colored Contacts – Colored Contact Lenses Guide   Recently updated !

Our eyes are considered to be “windows to the soul”. This sounds straight from a bad 80’s romance movies, but there is some truth in this. When people want to know more about the person, they would usually meet eye to eye. This kind of contact is also very important in establishing a relationship with another person. It might be […]


8 Tips to Make Your Makeup Look Natural   Recently updated !

Makeup is often used to enhance the features on our face that already make us uniquely beautiful. It’s not about turning ourselves into a different person, rather, it’s about being ourselves with some of our best features put in the spotlight. With that said, it’s important for makeup users to know the ways to create a more natural look and […]



Top Fashion Trends for 2020   Recently updated !

The year 2020 promises a lot of good tidings in many sectors, fashion being one of them. Designers who have been working tirelessly for the last decade are gearing up to showcasing some of the best and to some extent outrageous designs that the world is yet to see. You can sample some of these outfits here, on the Outfit […]


Swimming on a Period: Are Tampons Safe & Hygienic

Can you go swimming on your period? The answer is yes and if you are wondering if can you do so with tampons then it’s another yes! Tampons are definitely safe and hygienic to use for swimming as long as you use them well. Don’t worry if you have never tried, we will tell you why it is OK to […]



Pest-Proof Your Home This Holiday Season

The holiday season is all about fun and excitement but there is much that homeowners need to deal with at this time of the year. There are shopping lists to be made, gifts to be chosen and parties to be planned. With things being so hectic, pest control may be the last thing on your mind. But this is something […]