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This week while you are visiting to share your latest posts, I am in Florida for the Grand Opening of my stepdaughter’s new Gym and spend some time with my stepson as well. It will be my first time visiting, she had wanted her dad to go for a visit and he was never able to make it due to […]



Why You Should Consider Remodeling Contractors for Home Improvement

A remodeling project involves numerous tasks. It can be overwhelming. This is why asking for help in the right place is so crucial. You have to make many decisions, and this is the biggest one – hiring the right remodeling contractor. You can’t afford to make many mistakes here. A good remodeling contractor will make your home shine, while a […]


Why You Need a Website for Your Wedding

Weddings can be confusing to members of the wedding party, guests and even the bride and groom. Plans always get changed, and communication seems to fall short. One small invitation leaves out a lot of necessary facts for meals, celebrations, and lodging for out of town guests. All too often, someone is left out of the big event due to […]



Tips for Teaching Young Children Street Safety

As a parent, you’ve got a big job keeping your child safe, especially in the 21st century. You want your child to practice independence, but it can be dangerous. Especially when it comes to letting your child out into the world to cross the street. Getting hit by a car is the third leading cause of death for kids between […]


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   Welcome to A Wonderful Wednesday Linky Party#190!! We always get a head start each week and our Co-Hosts make the choices from the previous week’s linkup! What I have going on this week is my trip to Tampa, another 1st for 2020. I’m apprehensive and excited! I am going on an invitation from my late husband’s daughter and friend […]

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How to Use Honeycombs

You would not be reading about honeycombs were it not for the wonderful work done by bees. As small as they are, bees deserve a standing ovation, especially because of their ability to prepare something so sweet and with many health benefits. Bees make honeycombs by depositing honey into a network of tiny hexagonal cylinders made from wax. When the […]


How to Choose a Wedding Photographer Who Fits Your Style 1 comment

He asked you the question you’ve been waiting for so long, and you answered in the affirmative. You have set the date, and you are now busy preparing for one of the biggest days of your life. Your wedding is a momentous life event, so choosing your wedding photographer should be one of your priorities. During your search, do not […]



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This is a year of 1st’s for me some not so happy and other times when I will be doing new and exciting events. I recently joined a women’s club to get more involved and meet new friends. They have monthly activities, one is a luncheon which I have been going to. They also have projects for the community, one […]


What to Wear on a Night Out

It’s exciting when you know you’re going on a night out and will have a lot of fun with your friends. Somehow, though, the same dilemma often arises for all of us. What should I wear? Some of us may have a go-to outfit, and it doesn’t take a lot of decision making. If you often head out for the […]



Link Roundup: How To Save Money On Your Wedding

You’ve heard all of the huge sums being branded around when it comes to a wedding day and probably proclaimed, “that won’t happen to me”. Like it or not, when it comes to the crunch, this will happen to you. Spending the average figure might sound obscene and completely out of the question, but as you start to weigh up […]