How to Pick Slimming Clothing for a More Flattering Silhouette

How to Pick Slimming Clothing for a More Flattering Silhouette

Sedona East Fall CollectionEverybody wants to put their best foot forward when it comes to getting dressed. After all, nobody wants to go out of the house looking like a mess. Even if you tend to look pretty good when you go out, there are likely some ways that you can improve your overall appearance.

One of the easiest things you can do to improve your appearance if you feel like you might be carrying a few extra pounds is to choose the right clothing. Doing this might seem simple, but the intricacies of shopping for your body type might not be immediately obvious.

Keep reading to learn more about the clothing that you should wear and what you shouldn’t wear when you’re trying to look a bit slimmer.

Black is Back

Black never really went out of style, but even small amounts of the dark color can help you look a bit slimmer. Simple changes like choosing black jeans instead of dark blue ones can make you appear more streamlined in an instant.

The fit will still matter, but wearing black can make you look like you’ve shed a few pounds when you really haven’t.

Wear Stripes Right

You’ve probably heard that horizontal stripes are a big no-no if you’re carrying a few extra pounds. While it might be age-old advice, it’s still advice that rings true for the most part. Horizontal stripes are not your friend, especially when it comes to tops.

Vertical stripes on the other hand can give you a much slimmer overall appearance. From tops that feature vertical stripes, to sweaters and printed pants, these can be a big hit on almost everybody.

Even summer clothing like tank tops can give you a more svelte appearance.

Floral Patterns are Neutral

When it comes to clothing to help you look a bit slimmer, most people tend to avoid anything with a heavy pattern. While that makes sense in the case of horizontal stripes, something like a JOA floral top is actually quite neutral.

If you do intend to shop for these types of patterns, make sure the patterns aren’t actually a horizontal repeat. If the pattern is more abstract and doesn’t have an obvious repetition, it will look better on a larger-framed individual.

Pair floral patterns with solid-colored bottoms.


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