Best Places To Ride Your Beach Cruiser While Taking In A View 2 comments

Best Places To Ride Your Beach Cruiser While Taking In A View

The leisurely pace of life in Southern California is best enjoyed from the seat of a beach cruiser.  Southern California’s beaches are among the most beautiful places in the world.  There are so many of them to see, but where to start?  For people new to biking, which bike paths are best?  Cruiser bikes, including 3 speed beach cruisers as well as hybrid bikes alike will do great on these beautiful Southern California bike paths. Beach Cruisers While Taking in a View on the Beach

The South Bay Bicycle Trail

The scenic South Bay Bicycle Trail is a 22-mile ride, so plan on spending most of the day on your bike.  Most of the bike path is right on the beach, but a few sections are on city streets.  The trail starts at Will Rogers State Beach and ends at Torrance County Beach.  Along the way, you will pass several fishing piers and the famous Strand.  Large sections of the trail are closed to vehicular traffic.

The Huntington Beach Bike Trail Beach Bike Trails In Huntington Beach California

The Huntington Beach Bike Trail connects Huntington Beach to Newport Beach.  It is a great bike path for foodies, because there are so many great restaurants and food trucks along the way.  Besides, Huntington Beach and Newport Beach are absolutely beautiful.

The Strand Bike Trails In California

If you are not up for riding 22 miles in one day, you can just ride along the Strand at Venice Beach.  This stretch of beach is always well-populated, and you will see so many of the activities that make Southern California famous.  You will see sunbathers, roller skaters, and street performers.  Of course, there are lots of great beach snacks to be had on the Strand, too.  And it’s not far away from the Santa Monica Pier. The Strand, is a paved bicycle path

Southern California is home to many beautiful sites for you to enjoy as you pass them on your beach cruiser.

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