Are You Planning Any Special Events in Your Family

Do you have a Christening coming up or another sacred event? It can be the most precious event for your little one that you have welcomed into your family, a time to celebrate the birth of a child as the family gathers around to help celebrate this occasion as it only comes once and is the first event after your baby is born.
A Babies Christening-christening-lollies
Its always a wonderful experience and there are always family members, grandma, grandpa, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, friends and mom and dad. Its like the babies first reunion of his family and a lifetime of memories are created, you remember. when your baby was born…seems a few days ago?

Planning an event around the christening or family event can be a great time and theres usually a lot to plan for:

Arranging for the church, location setting up and coordinating the event
Contacting the godparent to inform them of the event
Planning the guest list
Sending out invitations three to four weeks in advance
And then remember to incorporate family traditions, songs that are favorites
Will there be gifts, something to think about
Arranging for a photography
And then arranging for food, either catered or not. What will you plan for, and have you ever hard of christening lollies

No matter how big of an event, how many people you will invite it will be a sacred and joyful time for your family. There is a lot of planing that needs to be done for these kinds of event and so much in search for Christening. This is just a a quick overview.


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