How Can Press Releases Help Build Your Brand?

How can you use press releases to build your new brand identity?

Marketers have heard ad nauseam that press releases are not the most useful of the tools you have in your digital marketing and PR toolbox. Nonetheless, have you stopped and thought, “Why do Press Releases still exist? How come they are not phasing out yet?” The truth is – press releases are somewhat effective in certain situations. How Can Press Releases Help Build Your Brand?

You need strategy along with excellent writing

Professional writing is one of the essential components of press releases. If you have a smart piece, you have won half the battle. The rest is finding a reliable platform to publish your work. The primary site can be your brand website, but if you are new to the digital world, you will find it difficult to garner visibility by publishing on your site alone. Unless your brand is already famous and has a high organic traffic, chances of reaching out to your target audience or finding a new market are very slim indeed. You need to find reliable and prominent sites like The Daily Buzz to publish your press release.

Outplay your competition!

There are so many websites out there, who are your potential competitors. Websites for working mothers, new mothers, mother’s health, mother and baby updates and related shopping sites are relatively common these days. So unless you make yourself more visible than your competitors, you will have a tough time securing a loyal audience. An efficient way of doing so is to piggyback on reputed infotainment sites and news sites, which already have loyal readers and followers. The Daily Buzz is one such news site that has introduced some new brands and businesses to the audiences.

Find reliable carrier websites for your press release

Since your business interests are unlikely to clash with those of any news site, you will find it much easier to approach them and build new connections. Your press release can only release the right audience when you start forging the proper relations with your target audience. Since your target audience shares a common interest, you should also target special segments of these sites for your press release.

For example – if you are aiming to sell maternity clothes or health supplements for the new mothers out there, you should not approach news sites that publish sports updates. You should instead focus on sites that publish infotainment updates on various topics and has multiple segments. The Daily Buzz is an ideal example of a site that is well-suited for entrepreneurs and marketers looking for a niche audience.

Press releases only work when you are creating it for your target audience. You cannot craft a generic piece of content without keywords or call-to-action. Many entrepreneurs simply turn to Twitter or Facebook for their releases. Well, they do get a lot of views, but the problem is usually a lack of filtering options. The lack of ways to specifically target your press release towards a cultivated audience usually dilutes the effect of the same. This lowers the ROI and gives a general impression that press releases are ineffective.

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