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There will never be a time when science and the geniuses behind it aren’t necessary. However, with the discipline covering numerous fields of expertise in an ever-changing world – from biomedical science jobs to dentistry and research – at any one point there are always some geniuses more in demand than others. We looked into Careers Cast’s Jobs Rated Report 2015 to find the hottest jobs in science today.

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No.4 Dental Hygienist

Dentists may be needed for fixing rotten teeth, but it’s the dental hygienists who have an arguably more important role when it comes to a nation’s dentures.

Focusing on preventing problems from arising in the first place, the work these specialists do can make the difference between pearly white teeth for everyone or rotting gums for all.

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No.3 Data Scientist

Judge for yourself what does and doesn’t constitute a scientist, but as long as it includes the word in the title we’re including it here, especially if it’s an area that has grown substantially in recent years.

One of the major developing career paths of the 21st Century, data science takes the mathematics and computer science of data analysts to a whole new level. With a greater focus on influencing how businesses approach challenges, this is an area that fuses the brains of science with the charisma of business acumen like no other.

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No.2 Biomedical Engineer

From the prosthetic limbs that will take Team GB’s paralympic athletes to glory in Rio next year to laser surgery that allows the partially-impaired to see, there is a never-ending pool of innovations waiting to be discovered by the next generation of bio-engineers.

Focused on applying the principles of engineering to the worlds of biology and healthcare, there are few careers that have such a resounding impact on how fast technology advances and the benefits that come with it.

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No.1 Audiologist

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. As many as 16% of the UK’s population have a significant hearing loss, a shocking statistic which is helping to drive development in this lesser-known yet highly important area of healthcare.

You only have to ask someone suffering from hearing loss how difficult life without fully-functioning ears can be, which goes some way to explaining why this job is not only the highest rated science career on the chart but the second highest of all work areas.


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