Protect Your PC from Malware and Hackers

 Protect your PC from Malware & Hackers

In the present day, hackers have taken over the internet and devices connected with internet. Even the safest systems get hacked. Internet is not a safe place to be for sure. A number of malignant softwares are present online that can be downloaded to your computer and malign your computer. Your personal data can be taken out from your computer and can be used for all the wrong purposes. Also, you are at a risk of losing valuable information. Hacking techniques are getting stronger and stronger day by day. The security system should be updated accordingly. Nowadays, not only your computer is at a risk of getting corrupted by some malware but your mobile devices are equally prone to it. The security of you and your family can be at risk. Your personal data can be misused in ways you cannot even imagine. Your device can get infected by online programs or even from a USB drive. It is important to download and install security programs on your devices to make sure your data is secure from hackers and malware. You don’t want to risk your family’s safety. There are a number of ways to ensure that your device is safe from malware attacks. Anti malware softwares can be downloaded to achieve the purpose. Here are a few tips on how to protect your personal computer from malware and hacker that can silently reside in your computer without you having an idea.

Install a Firewall:

A firewall is a program that you can download on your computer. It works as a security guard for your device. Firewalls are classified into two types. A software firewall and a hardware firewall. They both work different purposes to ensure the safety of your computer. It works as a primary barrier between your computer and any other unauthorized program trying to penetrate your computer through internet. It is recommended to turn on the firewall permanently. It lets you know if someone tries to use your device without your knowledge.

Install antivirus programs:

Antivirus is another way to protect your computer from hackers. It is a program that works to protect your computer from unauthorized codes and softwares that pose a threat to your system. The unauthorized software blocks viruses, keyloggers and Trojans etc. these softwares can malign your computer by slowing it down, deleting important data and accessing personal information. Even if your device is malware free, it is still recommended to install antivirus programs. It ensures the future security of your device and keeps it from potential threats. Antivirus softwares have known to be really helpful when it comes to protecting your computer. They not only block the further attacks, but also detect if computer is already infected with malware and make sure to protect your security. Now advanced antivirus programs are available that can be updated from time to time to protect your device from even newly created viruses. Antivirus programs for advanced windows offer a number of advanced options such as email protection, blocking of pop up ads and identity theft. Here are a number of good antivirus programs that can be installed on your computer to ensure safety:

Bitdefender: Bitdefender-1

It is one of the best antivirus programs available online because of its top performance, security enhancing features and usability. It constantly seeks out any malware in your computer and destroys it. It displayed superior performance in many independent antivirus lab tests so it is a proven anti malware program. It offers a number of features such as password management, a hardened browser and a file shredder. It also offers firewall, spam filtering, parenting control, encrypted storage and so on. Also, it defaults to running in AutoPilot mode that means it handles security issues without you having to get involved. Ransomware is a huge problem these days and bitdefender addresses it perfectly. It prevents the programs that are not authorized from making any changes on your computer. It works to protect your files and folders having important information. If it mistakenly blocks a legitimate program, you can undo the changes by whitelisting that program.

In short, bitdefender perfectly caters to your security needs. Click here to buy Bitdefender with discount up to 50% using the coupon code.

360 Total Security: 360 Total Security- protection against malware

360 total security not only provides you with protection against malware but it also comes with a number of tools. It is a free software that provides much more than simple protection. It offers system tune up and clean up features and a number of other useful tools. But its core antivirus protection is average and all the additional features cannot make up for this fact. The program runs four scans including speedup, virus scan, clean up and Wi-Fi security. They all are done quickly. Out of many independent antivirus testing labs, only one includes this program and it is not enough data to ensure the credibility of this program. It is also not very good at malware blocking. So a thorough protection of your device, it is not a very suitable option.

F-Secure Antivirus: F-Secure Antivirus It is particularly suitable for slow computers. It is fast but quite expensive.

It is particularly suitable for slow computers. It is fast but quite expensive. Also, it can sometimes show false positive. If you are sick of junk that some antivirus programs make, F Secure Antivirus should be the software of your choice. It doesn’t offer any extra features. All you get is protecting from viruses. Though it is simple but it doesn’t mean that it compromises on your security. It usually receives maximum marks for protection from AV-Test. This program is also prone to generating significantly more false positives than other similar antivirus programs. How the false positives affect your computer depends upon they way you use your computer. Because of its simplicity, it is really easy to use. It doesn’t need so much memory and most of the times you don’t have to interfere to ensure the security of your device. It doesn’t intervene with the performance of your system and if it does, the problem can be solved with a few clicks. Though it is not as good choice as bitdefender but it still is a desirable antivirus program.

Kaspersky Antivirus: Kaspersky Antivirus It is one of the best performing antivirus programs but it is quite expensive

It is one of the best performing antivirus programs but it is quite expensive as compared to the other similar products. It works to filter dangerous URLs, detects and removes threats and tracks and reverses malicious actions made by malwares. You have to buy the software to get access to its full features that assure full security.

Norton Security Standard: Norton Security Standard It is one of the most detailed security programs.

It is one of the most detailed security programs.  Apart from antivirus protection, it also offers browsing protection, a firewall, password manager and so on. The best part about this software is that it prevents your computer from getting infected in the first place. Detecting and removing malware comes second. Its excellent URL blocker helps the user stay away from malicious sites and keeps you from running files that can be potentially harmful

Panda Antivirus: Panda Antivirus-6 Panda antivirus installs a browser toolbar for URL blocking.

Panda antivirus installs a browser toolbar for URL blocking. If you upgrade to pro, you get a number of added security features. It is easy to use and its URL blocker system keeps you from accessing malicious sites. If some malware successfully penetrates your system, it works to detect and remove that.


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