Protecting Your Personal Data With a RFID Wallet

Protecting your personal data with a RFID wallet – a Review

We all know that we need to be careful with our personal data. The recent horror stories of email servers and payment service providers being hacked and personal information being stolen are cause for concern. However, have you ever stopped to consider that there are other methods criminals may use to capture your personal information in the offline world?

RFID technology has benefited the world, it offers easy access to information when we need it, all with a simple scan of a chip. However, it has also opened up a can of worms when it comes to the security of our own personal information.

RFID Blocking Wallets

This article will look at the potential pitfalls of RFID technology and how you can safeguard yourself against criminal activity with a RFID wallet.

Explaining RFID technology

RFID technology is simple enough to understand. A silicon chip is attached to a transmitter and then loaded with data. The data can be transferred and replaced easily by encoding the chip with the help of a scanner. The scanner is then used to read the information on the chip.

Applications for RFID technology

RFID technology can be found in a myriad of commercial and private sector applications. RFID was first popularized in the nineties as a method of tracking and identifying pets. A chip was loaded with the pet and owner information. When the animal was lost and found, a vet is able to read the information on the chip with the help of a RFID scanner. The owner is then notified to collect the animal.

Since this basic application was first developed, RFID has spread into many other sectors. Retailers use it to track the authenticity of goods and manufacturers use them to track shipments and streamline logistics.

One of the most popular uses for RFID chips is in bank cards and passports. Passports are embedded with the chips to allow immigration agents to view your biographical statistics and information. Bank card use RFID chips to store your personal account information.

RFID Wallets For Safety of Your ID

Both these areas have caught the attention of criminals as they make for any easy mark. All a criminal needs in order to capture the information on your RFID chips is a portable RFID scanner. The criminal can then scan your RFID chips in your wallet by simply sitting or standing next to you.

 Protecting yourself with a RFID wallet

The best means to protect yourself from this scam is to use a RFID wallet.These wallets are manufactured using a sheath of aluminum embedded into the other skin of the wallet. The sheath blocks any scanners from reading the information on your RFID chips.

 Reviewing the best RFID wallet

We like the model available from Ibricraft. This RFID wallet is sleek and stylish and comes in a variety of designs to suit men and women. The wallet is made from pure leather and features and aluminum strip manufactured into the outer sheath of the wallet to stop RFID scanners.

Available in a range of colors and with plenty of space for cards and sensitive documents. This RFID wallet is our top choice for an accessory that has the best security functionality. The RFID wallet is light, as well as feeling soft and luxurious to touch.

 The Final thought

As technology advances, so do the techniques of criminals. Give yourself a security edge and makes sure that you use a RFID wallet to hide away your personal information from the prying eyes and scanners of criminals looking to treat you as a soft target. Visit Bricraft today and order your RFID wallet, stay protected and stay safe.

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