Have a New Puppy – Ultimate Tips for Puppy Potty Training

Ultimate tips for puppy potty training

If you ever trained your puppy how to potty, you know it can be an arduous task. Accidents will happen and all you can do is accept them for what they are.

Like every baby, puppies will react instinctively. If they need to pee or poo they will do it on the spot. This makes your task a hard one as you have to teach little being how to behave properly although this same being doesn’t understand the concept behind it.

If you want to dig into the subject really well, you should read this great definitive guide: How to potty train a puppy fastPuppies in Training

Why are you doing potty training in the first place?

Same as us dogs are creatures of habit. Things which they learn as little will stay with them for the rest of their lives. This can pertain to almost anything.

Dog owners will always pay most attention to dietary habits and potty training. Given that these are basic habits they can have a big negative effect on your puppy if done improperly.

Simple truth is that you probably do not wish to have a dog that will poo all over the place. Dog itself can be a lot of work and sometimes you simply do not wish to take it out for a walk. However, this is something you chose to do when you bought it.

But there is a much deeper meaning behind potty training.  It establishes who the boss isTraining Puppies

Given that your dog will always be dependable on you (in this or that sense) you need to establish strict ground rules. These rules have to be employed from the onset otherwise your dog may become restless and undisciplined. This can sometimes happen even if you’re trying your best.

For example, if there are several people taking care of a dog, dog will not know who the real master is. This will result in dog obeying everyone and no one. As you can presume this can lead to some serious issues later on.

Puppy potty training creates a strong bond between two of you. It creates a feeling of “friendship” in dog’s eyes where dog knows he/she can rely on you. It sets up basis for any other training and strengthens the discipline.

How to potty train your puppy?

  • First thing you need to do is take full responsibility for the dog. Whenever something bad happens this is because you acted poorly in a certain situation. Do not blame the dog and do not try to take out your frustration on him/her. Worst thing you can do is try to teach it through sheer force. It can make the dog resentful weakening your bond.
  • Small dogs need to go out more often. Their organism is smaller thus they pee and poo more often. Consider this when getting a puppy.
  • You already have to be outside when a dog needs to pee or poo. This can only be done by predicting its habits. Of course, if it’s erratic it is hard to predict. Nevertheless, you can create a reliable schedule by doing proper feeding (feeding a dog in right intervals and at the precise time).
  • Dog will always have to relieve itself in the morning, after waking up and in the evening, before going to sleep. It will also need to relieve itself couple of times during the day.
  • Dog needs to poo shortly after a meal. It varies from dog to dog but on average it takes them 30 minutes to digest food.
  • Do not play with your puppy if it has full bladder. They get excited and they will likely start peeing all over the place.
  • Nervous behavior and running at the door is an obvious sign that a dog needs to go out. Make sure it does. Kids and Puppies

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