Good Health and Reliable Maid Services

Caring for your Home- Good Health and Reliable Maid Services

Most people spend a significant amount of time inside their homes without being aware of the direct link between housing and health. This connection can determine how healthy you and your environment actually are. There are different ways to ensure your home is healthy for you and your loved ones. Good Health and Reliable Maid Services

Identifying Hidden Dangers

Everyone should feel safe in their homes but the reality is that a house that is not properly maintained can end up making you sick. Homes may consist of health hazards such as mold, pests, pesticides, second hand smoke and lead-based paints.

Some hazards are not visible and can be lethal like carbon monoxide. It is important to maintain healthy conditions within your home and address any concerns that you may have regarding both visible and hidden dangers.

Living Rooms and Bedrooms

You can make sure your living room, family room and bedrooms are healthier by installing smoke alarms, avoiding smoking in the home, cleaning up clutter to keep away pests and clearing away electrical cords as well as clutter such as toys and shoes that can cause people to trip or fall.

For older homes it is advisable to test your house for lead- based paint, fix chipping and peeling paint and implement safe practices when you paint, remodel or renovate your home to prevent the spread of lead dust. Cleaning


Keep your kitchen as healthy as possible by installing an alarm to detect carbon monoxide, avoiding clothes with loose-fitting and long sleeves while cooking, using safe cleaning products and never using ovens or stoves to heat your home. Cleaning Services NYC| King of Maids- View Our Instant Pricing!

If there are pests like rodents, ants and cockroaches in your home, there are healthy and safe solutions you can use to prevent an infestation. Seal external openings to keep out pests, clean up and put away all food, cover garbage disposal bags or trash can to avoid attracting pests use traps and bait when necessary and avoid using any toxic pesticides.


Enhance the safety of your bathrooms by keeping all forms of medication out of children’s reach, safely clean away mold and moisture, keep the air fresh with open doors and windows and install the necessary facilities such as handles on the walls for people who may have mobility restrictions or challenges.

Professional and Regular Cleaning

  • Many homeowners would rather focus on relaxing, entertaining, preparing and enjoying tasty meals with their families and guests instead of dealing with a disorganized and dirty kitchen. With maid services, regular cleaning can help to keep your entire home sparkling. These services feature years of experience that are based on meeting the diverse cleaning needs of different customers.
  • The maids are always eager to fulfill their customers’ expectation and make sure that all cleaning tasks are handled professionally and thoroughly. They understand that each customer has their own unique needs and strive to maintain the highest standards of quality services.
  • Maid services clean your house according to your specified requirements. Whether you need to hire a maid service for one cleaning session or want to set up a regular cleaning schedule, you can rely on them to help you and give you the assurance that the cleaning will be well done.


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