When a Senior Needs To Consider Hiring an Attorney

When is it a good time for seniors to find an attorney

When Is It a Good Time For Seniors to Find an Attorney 

I recently wrote an article on home adaptions for the elderly and in other considerations, when parents there could be a plan for selling to move to a smaller home to downsize.

As a senior, I hate to admit it but I don’t like taking care of a large home, one is because I don’t have the energy to expend and two I have other things that are more important to me, like gardening, or crafts, going shopping or having lunch with friends.

One of the things to consider when selling a home is to make sure that all aspects of the sale of the home are legal and that the sale is handled with all the laws in mind to protect us from some unforeseen problems.

And for this it is best to consult a good attorney that works with the elderly and now days there are attorneys that handle the affairs of the elderly, it is called Elder law focuses on providing legal services to senior citizens. There are lots of attorneys, just look in the phone book, but one I found when writing my article to find questions that I should ask was Prime Lawyers just visiting their website I found a lot of good information. But when meeting with a lawyer on a situation you might want to ask

What percent of their practice is devoted to the expertise that you need?

What similar cases have they handled?

What problems does the lawyer foresee in your case?

Would the lawyer handle the case personally or would they pass it on to some other lawyer in his firm?

Remember the lawyer is working for you and that no question is to silly.

Sometimes the lawyers office will ask you to fill out a questionnaire to return to their office, but be sure to take it with you when you go along with any questions you might have. Being prepared can save you time and money as they usually charge by the ½ hour or hourly rates. Go prepared

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