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Daily Activities for Oh My Heartsie Girl or Random Tasks Updated 3/24/2020

Well, I was prompted to write how I get so much done in a day with blogging and thought would share what happens in my day. It works best if you have a list or a planner and this does not have to be a fancy list, however, they are fun on a cute pad or in a cute loose leaf you have made or you can buy. But I just have moved to a notebook, however, I am a “multitasker” and will move back and forth through my list. My lists are pretty much the same every day or I should say routine, like a workout, lol so here we go, ready for the ride? Seven-Tasks-Of-a-Day-In-Blogging

Emails: I start my day, as you would checking emails, responding to any that are pressing, companies requesting reviews, affiliate programs for updated deals, (potential money makers), I highlight the rest, delete as many as I can and come back to those that I need to attend to during the day and will return in an hour or so to check again. I’m sure you have noticed that the bulk of your emails are there first thing in the morning, and these do take time to care for, so I check again every hour or so. How often do you check your emails?

Comments & Events: Now for events on my blog: I take time to check any parties I have going on to see if I need to respond to and answering comments.

  • Comments; Heres the thing, if you dont stay on top of answering comments for any blog post, you can get behind and its a fiasco to try and catch up. Or as in Linky parties, I like to pay a visit to my guest and write a comment there. So get it done. The reason, this is the most important part of your blog, so give this plenty of time, it builds good blogging relationships with reciprocal commenting. How do you handle comments?
  • Building Relationships; Find a blog you like, visit and comment often, I mean a lot, it helps build that lasting friendship and to get connected. You will find it uplifting when a blogger finds you are commenting a bunch and helps you to make a lasting connection. However, if one blogger does not work, move on, try another. Im doing this weekly.

Facebook Engagement: I only use Facebook as a way of communication in groups, it can eat more time than you have to spend. I have several pages, so I check to see if I have had activity and need to respond to posts.  How much time do you spend on Facebook?

Groups on Facebook: These groups I share with you, I have belonged to for several years
M.O.O.N. Group is a support group for adding your social media links, blog posts for comments, finding giveaways to signup for participation and you would Need to Join.
Networking Perks wants to make a difference in the blogging world and help other bloggers in the process. Need to Join
Bloggers Media Connection Helping Bloggers and Media Connect. Need To Join
Between The Lines This group was created a while ago as a shared experience for all female bloggers of a certain age and a great place to share your blog with other women. Check it out.

Twitter thread; These can be beneficial to you for participating in threads that allow you to post a Twitter link for others to retweet, a link you would like comments on, posting giveaways.

Alexa thread; In the thread, you would post your blog link and the visitors go to your blog and while on your blog will take time to browse around and clicking on pages, going deeper into your blog, that might not otherwise be visited, this is when Alexa kicks in. It takes about 2 1/2- 3 minutes

Pinterest: I stop by to see if I have new friends following and reciprocate, checking out some new pins, re-sharing and commenting, {comments and interaction is a must to get reciprocal response} and move on. I don’t allow myself to linger too long first thing in the morning, I leave that for more leisure time. Like reading a magazine. Browsing while watching TV.  You can also participate in Pinterest Parties great way to Pin, repin and meet new people.

Social Media Google +: So since Google+ has gone away what platform has taken its place for you? It used to be that G+ should in Google Analytic’s to be a driver of traffic.

Social Media Twitter: Again, a great tool to get your blog posts noticed,  you have taken so much time to create you need to get them out there in front of your friends and their friends and on and on. Mine also goes automatically to Facebook when I tweet. {More on that later}

Update 3/24/2020

PicMonkey/We Heart It: You might wonder why I mention this, however, I discovered when I am making a banner, and I give it a title and when I finish creating my banner and Picmonkey asks, “Do you want to share?” This is the secret, if you choose to share it, you have the choice of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumbler or (( We Heart something new to me. It is another community where you can share your images, find people, niches, inspiration, popular images and there is a phone app to download and you can add a button to your browser to share other content, similar to Pinterest. But my point is it is another social media to use to get your blog and content out there.  {More on that later}

By this time, around the middle of the day, I go back to emails and pay attention to those I have flagged to respond to party invites, posts of interest I want to visit read and comment.

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