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It’s an expensive time of year. Fortunately, the sales period is just around the corner. It makes sense to pick up all those essentials while they’re discounted. But how on earth do you avoid falling foul of all those other irresistible deals? Cheap gadgets and electronics can certainly make your eyes pop with desire. Savvy shopping is something that most of us wish we could do to avoid overspending while we’re out and about.

One of the simplest ways to shop savvy is to write down your budget and stick to it! It may not be a huge number. And it may mean that you miss out on some of the best deals of the year. But it won’t get you in debt, and it won’t mean you have to miss out on other things you might need. If you’re not sure what your budget should be, shop around online first. Find some examples of prices and jot them down. This will be your upper limit. Now your shopping mission is to beat those prices!

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If you’re worried your willpower may weaken at the sight of a big red Sale sign, then don’t take your credit cards. Making purchases in cash helps you see exactly how much money you really have to spend. Cards are convenient and easy, but you can easily lose track of how much you’ve spent until that big bill lands on your doormat next month. Credit cards aren’t always accepted in places like the market. Taking cash might encourage you to check out other places where you can get a deal on the things you need.

A shopping list will also help you shop savvy. If it’s not on the list, don’t buy it! This can work well in the grocery store when you’re trying to cut down on snacks and sweet things. Again, you’ll need some willpower to stick to it, but it can definitely help keep you focussed on the task at hand. You’ll also find your shopping trip will be quicker because you’re less likely to browse.

Voucher codes and discount cards are incredibly helpful when you have some shopping to do. You can find them for specific stores like the Everything 5 Pounds voucher codes, and you can also find them for retailer groups. Why not sign up to receive alerts from your favourite store about upcoming flash sales or end of season discounts? It will help you keep the cost of your purchases down low.

Savvy shopping is about knowing what you need, researching the best price, budgeting for the purchase, and focussing on the task. But that’s a lot of work, and it really does take the fun out of shopping. So how can you stay on track when you’re enjoying browsing? Try budgeting a little extra for any whimsical purchases. Or you might just delight in the pleasures of window shopping. Retail therapy can be just the thing when you’ve had a bad day. However, these indulgences are known for their big credit card bills! Shop savvy this sales season.



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