Have You Ever Been Sightseeing In Another Country?

It’s hard to think of something fun to do every weekend with your partner. But it’s good to do something adventurous after a stressful week at work. Therefore, it’s time to get out of the house and see what’s going on in your area. You might find a local event which might be fun to attend. But if you are still stuck for ideas, here are some fun ideas for you and your other half to do this weekend!

Go sightseeing in the city

One of the best things to do with your weekend is to head to the city. London has so much sightseeing opportunities that you won’t get bored with your other half. You may want to head up the London Eye or visit the Tower of London for some photos. You and your partner can get an underground pass and then you can head to the city to soak in the sights. You can end the day with a great meal and a show in the West End. If London isn’t your thing, there are so many other great cities to do some sightseeing around the UK. Oxford, Cambridge, and Bath are just a few of the best cities to visit if you fancy some sightseeing with your other half. Tower of London-1

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Head to the beach

There isn’t anything much more romantic than sitting on the beach with your other half. Therefore, why not head to the beach for a great couples day out. You can wander around the beach and get some traditional fish and chips. Then you and your partner can go in the amusements. There are so many beautiful beach towns you can visit around the UK. Brighton, Newquay, and Scarborough are some of the best ones you can visit together. You will have a great day out, and you could even book a Bed and Breakfast for the night so that you can have two days at the seaside.


Go for a picnic

If you are waiting for payday, a fun idea for you and your other half would be a picnic. There are so many beautiful parks you can visit without having to pay any admission. You can wander around and then find a great spot to enjoy a picnic. Head to the store before you go to pick up some delicious treats. You might even want to purchase a traditional picnic basket so that you can keep all the food safe. Once you sit down with your picnic, you and your partner can chill out and enjoy the views of the park while you enjoy your delicious food.


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Head to the spa

A weekend spa break would be ideal for you and your other half. It’s a great way to relax after a busy week, and you will both come out refreshed. For something a bit different, you should head to a unique spa. For example, the Thermae Bath Spa is a great place to go where you can relax in hot water in a rooftop pool while enjoying views of the area. You then visit the original Roman baths next door after enjoying the spa for a little bit of sightseeing!

Visit the zoo

If you both are animal fans, you and your partner might love to spend the weekend at a zoo.  You are never too old to see the wide array of animals at the zoo. As this feature explains, you can search to find your nearest zoo or wildlife centre. If you pay a little extra, you might be able to help feed the animals!

Go for an activity day

When you are sat down at your desk all week, it’s easy to feel a little glum. Therefore, you and your partner can get active and have a fun activity day. It might be a day at Go Ape where you will get to try a zip wire across the park. Or you may want to go to Bounce, which is an indoor trampoline park that’s taking the country by storm. You could even go to an indoor snow centre where you can learn the basics of skiing!

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Head for an overnight stay in Paris

The good thing about the UK is that you can get to Paris within a couple of hours from London St Pancras! Therefore, if you head off early, you could go and check out the sights for the day in the city of love and then head back at night! It will be a fantastic day out, and you will feel like you have had a mini holiday together.

Also, don’t forget to check your local museums to see if any of them are having a free day.



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