Three Signs You Need Marriage Counseling 

Three Signs You Need Marriage Counseling Three Signs You Need Marriage Counseling

Couples counseling is a form of therapy that can help you get your marriage back on track and recover from any issues tearing you apart. Though some people think of seeing a counselor as a way of admitting failure, it really just lets you admit that there are problems you cannot get over on your own. Counselors will work with you both and provide you with a healthy and safe place to talk about your issues. Before making an appointment for couples counseling Philadelphia couples should look for some of the signs that a therapy session can help them.

Lack of Communication

A common sign that counseling can help you is when you suffer from a lack of communication. When you first met your spouse, you probably spent hours talking about anything and everything as you got to know each other. It’s natural for couples to talk less as time passes, but a lack of communication can signify a much larger problem. This can occur because you spend too much time together and experience all the same things, or it can occur because you no longer feel connected to your spouse. Counselors can help you learn how to effectively communicate with each other again.

No Intimacy

Many couples struggle with intimacy issues. If you and your spouse work two different schedules, you may find that spending time alone together is extremely difficult. Stress at work and other issues can lead to changes in your sex life too. It’s important that you work with a professional to get that spark back. A therapist might recommend that you schedule a date night together or that you talk about why you stopped being intimate with each other.


One of the biggest signs that you need to schedule a therapy session is when one or both of you has an affair or contemplates having an affair. Infidelity often occurs after a lack of intimacy between two people. When you and your spouse spend less time together, one of you may feel tempted to seek intimacy elsewhere such as with a coworker or a close friend. Seeing a counselor before an affair can help you avoid that temptation, and seeing one later can help you recover from that infidelity. When it comes to scheduling an appointment for marriage therapy Philadelphia couples will find it helpful to look at signs they should see a counselor.


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