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For my Valentine this year, I decided to make a rag wreath like I have seen in so many places, on my Wordless Wednesday and Friday Features. Seemed pretty easy to tackle, (has to be for me) and (not to much time) another important factor when I’m going to make a craft, “quick and easy”.I have a short attention span, so the quicker the better. Valentines Wreath-made-with-2-fabric-squares-and-a-hanger

For my wreath I had my son take a hanger and form it in a heart, then I already had the fabric squares, I tore strips into 1 1/2″ pieces. I tied about 4″ pieces of the fabric until I ran out of the solid color then I went back through and did the same between each of those. Closeup-Valentine-WreathIt probably took me about an hour, but it was done over several days. For my bow, I used one final piece of fabric and tied it into a bow. To make my hang, I used satin ribbon to hang my Valentine Wreath.


Something just for fun and took all of 5 minutes if that, I covered my favorite travel mug with Valentine scrape-book paper. I know it won’t last long but is fun to be in Valentine’s mood.

Here are some of the other Valentine DIY Projects I have been admiring

Simple Valentine Wreath-Easy To Make and Other Valentine Ideas

From Carrie Elle, so many fun wreaths to make. Simple Valentines WreathsValentine-Rag-Wreath-tutorial-found-at-www.intelligentdomestications.com_

And from Intelligent Domestications, I love this wreath, if I had a grapevine wreath or something more substantial I would love to make this on, maybe next year.

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