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As spring approaches, the cleaning has begun, and many homeowners are throwing out the old and bringing in the new. As you are organizing, sweeping, scrubbing, and mopping, you’ll get a good look at the beautiful side of your house. You look at these items every day, so much you might notice the way your home looks anymore. Try taking on a fresh eye as you clean for the upcoming year may be a good time to re-evaluate the decor of your home, and trade out some old choices for better ones. Giving your home a breath of fresh air may be just the change that you and your family need.

Kitchen 5 Things You Can Do for Yourself Today

The kitchen is one the most fun rooms to decorate. You don’t have to do a complete makeover to give your kitchen a polished, new look. Switch out your towels and rugs or mats for a new color or design. If your bowls and plates are stained and chipped, consider getting a new set with a different pattern. Change the curtains or get some beautiful glasses for whiskey or wine for your home bar.  There are so many ways you can spice up the appearance of your kitchen that doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.

Go through the fridge, the freezer, and the outside of it. Often family pictures and mementos clutter the space, so weed out the older pieces and organize and prioritize the content that stays. Consider reorganizing your pantry or closet to be more efficient, too. If you have pets, take a look at their items and consider replacing them if they are faded or too dirty.

Living room 

Throw pillows are a great way to give a new touch to the look of your lounge area. Replacing your cushions, throw blankets and pillows, and curtains for a new design or color scheme can completely revolutionize your living room. You won’t have to move any furniture around, and if you look through second-hand or discount shops, you won’t spend much money either!

If you still want more variety to the look of your living space, change what you have up on your walls, or get better lighting. Move the TV and couch to the other corner. Throw in some splashes of color with art or pictures. Lose the blinds and allow more natural light into the room.


There are many easy ways to give your bathroom a fancy look. Collect beautiful stones or shells next time you visit a beach and set them up on the counter or shelves. Sand in jars can be a useful addition, too. Change or wash your shower curtain, replace the old towels with newer ones, and consider getting a new sink set with toothbrush holders and soap dispensers. Even just changing the scent of your bathroom necessities can be a welcome change.

If you crowd your  sink counter, look into getting a new organizer and setting up a more efficient way to store things such as make-up, hair care products, and medications.
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