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Spring savings with Old Navy online

Old Navy started out as a cheap version of Gap called Gap Warehouse, but was so good that it became more popular than Gap, and actually kept the whole business afloat during Gap’s ‘wilderness years’ in the 1990s. These days, with its upmarket stores, designed to compete with Hollister and Abercrombie and Fitch, and on-trend but family-friendly designer clothing, it’s difficult to see Old Navy as anything other than an upmarket brand. Until you look at the price tag and see that it’s half the price of any of those other businesses’ products! Ebates Coupons Used Online

So Old Navy offer designer clothes at bargain basement prices. How do they do it? Well, it helps that they have Gap’s experience, both with marketing and design, behind them – not to mention Gap’s money. There’s also the fact that if you offer a great product at a low price, you keep your competitors at bay, meaning that you can sell products at a low profit margin but sell so many items that those individually low margins add up to a much bigger profit, especially a little further down the line as competitors fall out of the market. Having serious Gap money to back them up will have helped in the initial months and years, but it wasn’t long before Old Navy was steaming away from their parent company, breaking records for earnings (it was the first business to make over $1 billion in its first four years), and proving just as adaptable as Gap has been in the face of changing trends in shopping. That’s how Gap went from selling jeans and records to making clothes for all occasions, and Old Navy went from a low-priced version of Gap to having its own distinct identity as a major retailer to families. Old Navy online coupons helped to drive the expansion of the brand into Canada, just as coupons and low prices created its initial success in the US.

The biggest change in shopping trends of the last decade and a half is undoubtedly the unstoppable rise of online shopping. Both Gap and Old Navy have successfully adapted to this trend, with well-designed, easy-to-use websites and plenty of exclusive online offers for those who want to get the latest merchandise from the Old Navy catalogue without having to hit the mall. There are great savings to be had, too, because Old Navy know that busy parents with families will be grateful for the time- and money-saving opportunities that online shopping provides by the spadesful. And for people who are internet-savvy but still like to do their shopping in person at the mall, you can easily get printable Old Navy coupons online which you can redeem in stores across the country.

Old Navy’s growth from a cut-price Gap to a distinctive, acclaimed brand in its own right is a success story every bit as remarkable as Gap’s own transition over the past few decades. With it sensible, hardwearing clothes that nonetheless look and feel great, Old Navy does what all the best businesses do: Provide the market with something it didn’t even realise it needed.


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