Easy Ways To Stop Smoking

Why now is the right time to quit smoking?

 Stop Smoking

 Although quitting smoking is all about your mental strength, it is true that over time we have managed to develop some methods and products which can help you out. Also, due to the development of the Internet, we are much more knowledgeable as people love to share their experience and give us valuable tips.

This is precisely what I wish to do in this article. Let’s see some of the best methods that will help you quit smoking in 2017.

  1. Start by reducing the amount of cigarettes smoked

The whole point of quitting smoking is to slowly reduce and eliminate cigarettes from your life. However, most people find this transition to be really arduous. This is due to the fact that cigarettes have become such an important part of their life they cannot imagine doing some simple things such as drinking coffee without them. Also, they are a great way to eliminate stress. If you completely remove cigarettes overnight, you will find it hard coping with all these situations especially if you used them for a long period of time. So, it is much better to start by slowly reducing the amount before you decide to completely stop. Later on it will be easy to make the necessary adjustment when needed.

  1. E-cigarettes

E-cigarettes are one of these before mentioned solutions that were developed and popularized in last several years. E-cigarette types are discussed in detail in this post. They are a great substitutions for smokes and there are a lot of people who efficiently use them. The great thing about them is that they are based on vape juice or e-juice which is harmless. This means that even if you don’t wish to quit smoking, you can use them to efficiently reduce the number of toxins that enter your body. They are also a good item that helps people stop smoking. E-Cigarettes

  1. Eliminate sources of relapsing

The true reason for relapsing is not the fact we crave cigarettes; it’s the fact that we can easily get them. Smoking is something that is common for families: if one person is smoking it is more likely that someone else in the family will also be smoking. This makes it much harder to quit once you decide to do it. In such homes, cigarettes are as common as bread so if you wish to smoke one you can easily get them. Similar goes for pubs and other social places where there are a lot of smokers. Best way to approach this issue is by trying to quit together with other family members. You can also reduce the number of going outs during initial months, at least until you become stable.

4. Get a money box

This is something that people often mention but rarely anyone does. How many times has your family told you how cigarettes are eating away your money and how you could’ve been rich without them? Even though this isn’t quite true, cigarettes still cost a lot. Once you stop smoking you will need something to occupy your mind and a system that will help you deal with stress. So, why don’t you get a box where you will put all this saved cigarette money? This money can be used for something fun, any other activity besides cigarettes. When you feel down, just reach out to this box and buy something nice for yourself.

5. Get a hobby

Hobbies are great for people trying to quit; not only do hobbies occupy your mind, they also occupy your hands. This is one of the issues with smoking: you get used to doing something with your hands. If you have some casual hobby which can be done without you even thinking, this can serve as a replacement for previous hand activity.


The biggest issue with cigarettes is that they become an important part of your life in more ways than one. You start seeing various activities as cigarettes plus something. For examples, it comes to coffee and cigarettes instead of only coffee.

When you eliminate or substitute this need, you come to the conclusion that cigarettes were only an addition, not the central part. You can still do these fun things you like to do just a bit healthier this time around.

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