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What does smoking do to your skin?


You may know about effect that smoking can have on your health; the fact that it can play a major role in you developing cancer or a variety of long diseases, but do you know what it does to your skin? Are you aware that smoking can make you look a lot older than you actually are? This is why stopping smoking is not just good for your overall health it can also drastically improve the way you look.

We are going to examine several ways in which smoking can have a detrimental effect on the appearance and condition of your skin. You may be surprised at some or all of the revelations.

How smoking ages your skin

One of the most pronounced effects that smoking has on your skin is to age it. Smoking has been shown to cause more wrinkles than exposure to sunlight. These wrinkles are often most pronounced at the corners of the eyes and mouth. Of course, wrinkling such as this automatically makes you look older which is why on the whole smokers develop an aged appearance more quickly than their non- smoking counterparts.

Smoking changes the elasticity of your skin, it helps to narrow blood vessels and it reduces the presence of Vitamin A and moisture in the skin. All of this helps to speed up the aging process of your skin if you are a smoker.

Lack of sleep and bags under your eyes

If you continually fail to get enough sleep this can cause you to develop bags and dark circles under your eyes. These signs of lack of sleep do not look attractive. You may be surprised to discover that smokers are around four times more likely to have disturbed sleep than non-smokers. You can see how this means that smokers are also more likely to exhibit the signs of lack of sleep on their skin.

It’s not completely clear why smokers tend not to sleep as well as non-smokers but it could be due to temporary nicotine withdrawal that causes restlessness.

Ugly looking staining

It’s not just the skin on your face that smoking can have an adverse effect on, you should also consider what it can do to the skin on your hands. If you smoke regularly then your fingers are likely to become stained by the nicotine in the cigarette. This means that they can take on an unsightly yellow/brown appearance. There are remedies you can employ in order to reduce this staining. If you want to rid yourself of this problem permanently the only way you can really do so is to stop smoking.

You can see that smoking can have a seriously detrimental effect on the appearance and condition of your skin. You can use solutions such as anti wrinkle peptide to help but the only real way to stop the effect of smoking on your skin is to actually stop smoking.



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