What To Look For In Stretched Canvas

It all begins with the canvas. Without that proper starting point, your artwork could never look as beautiful as it does. It’d never retain that beauty for years to come, and you’d struggle to find the right type of framing to finish off the job. Paints, brushes, and creativity play an enormous part, of course, in your final work, but it all begins with your canvas. In particular, stretched canvas is one of the most respectable starting points for any artist. Here’s how to choose the best custom stretched canvas for your artistic endeavors.

  1. Know what stretched canvas is. Before you can decide what type of custom stretched canvas you need, you should probably know what it is. Stretched canvas is a ready-to-use surface, made up typically of linen or cotton, and stretched around a frame. Cotton duck is likely the most popular art canvas, both in terms of cost and availability.
  2. Know which grade to pick from. There are typically three grades to choose from, based on the type of work you’re going to perform. Fine (for portrait work), medium (for general applications) and rough (typically for landscape).
  3. Know your depth. There are also various depths to choose from. These include traditional (3/4” – 7/8”), gallery (1-1/2”) and museum (2” and thicker). If your artwork is going to be framed, the preferred depth is traditional, while gallery and museum are most likely intended to be hung on a wall as is.
  4. Know your primer. Many artists wonder if they need to Gesso their stretched canvas before they paint on it. If your custom stretched canvas has been primed for acrylics, you don’t need to do anything to it. Be sure to check that your canvas has been primed for acrylics, and not for oil paints only. Most of the times commercially prepared canvases are primed for both.
  5. Know why many people prefer stretched canvas. Stretched artwork is generally more durable. The print surface of a stretched canvas typically doesn’t come in contact with other surfaces that can affect the durability of the print. Not to mention the visual appeal that comes with a final work of art mounted on a piece of stretched canvas.

Now that you know a little more about stretched canvas, it’s time to find your very own custom stretched canvas. Most artists turn to The Sydney Canvas Company for their artistry tools, including their unique custom stretched canvas. Learn more by visiting them at http://thesydneycanvascompany.com.au/


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