Stuck For Present Ideas? Here Is The Ultimate List For The Picky Person In Your Life! 3 comments

Everyone knows one of those people who are a nightmare to buy presents for. Whether it’s an aunt or a nan, they seem to have everything they want already so you can’t decide what to get them for their birthday! If you buy them the wrong thing, it can end up being embarrassing, and they potentially could end up taking it back! Here’s the ultimate guide for the picky person in your life!


If you are stuck for ideas, a calendar can be a great present idea they can use all year-round. If they have a certain hobby or interest they love, you could buy them one with pictures they will enjoy looking at every day. It’s a great way of helping them to be organised, and they can write on there what they are doing every day. Nature calendars are always good if they are quite picky about what they like. Or a particular location they love visiting would be nice too.


A diary would be a fabulous present they can use to write down everything about their day. It’s perfect for them if they can get quite stressed out as a diary is a great way to relieve stress in your life. It’s also an excellent way for them to get organised, as they can make sure they put upcoming events in there.


For the picky person in your life, a lovely bunch of flowers can make a great gift. To make it even more special, you could have a bunch delivered to their home. It will make them feel very important to you, and will look beautiful in their home. If you know their favourite type even better, but if not, a bunch of roses is always lovely. 

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Cookery book

A cookbook is always a good idea for someone who seems to have everything. You can never have enough cookery books as there will always be new recipes to try. Buy them a book of a cuisine they have never tried before. You can also check what’s trending when deciding what to buy, as they are unlikely to have bought the newest cooks books. Try and avoid diet books though as this could offend the birthday girl!


A voucher is always an excellent choice for someone who seems to have everything. It puts off the pressure of them not liking the gift, as they can choose something they actually want. They often last at least a year so they have plenty of time to find something too! We advise choosing somewhere like Wallmart, where they could pick anything!


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Something handmade would be a wonderful gift for the picky person in your life. You could knit them a scarf or gloves, create a book full of pictures of the two of you, or even bake them some delicious cakes. A handmade gift will always be appreciated because it’s something you have put a lot of hard work into making.

You should remember that despite the fact they are picky, they love you and will be grateful for any gift you get them!

Stuck For Present Ideas? Here Is The Ultimate List For The Picky Person In Your Life!


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