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Nothing could be more overwhelming for you to decide on than the flowers at your wedding.  The styles, colour palettes, blooms that you might shortlist could take its toll on you. Further, if you aren’t really into flowers, the problem gets exaggerated and can be a big source of stress for you. Realizing that, we present here the 10 most […]

Top 10 Fashionable Flowers For Your Wedding

6 Ways To Care For Fresh Flowers 39 comments
Recently I wrote about ways to care for fresh flowers, now the difference in a flowers from a florist or a grocery store. Does it really matter whether you buy fresh flowers from the grocery store or a florist? There are 2 places you buy fresh flowers; grocery store or florist. Florist Flowers Florist flowers tend to stay fresh longer […]

6 Ways To Care For Fresh Flowers

Caring For Fresh Cut Flowers 15 comments
What You Should Know When Buying Fresh Flowers! How To Store Dozens Of Flowers If you plan to buy tons of flowers for a big event, considering storing them in a warehouse. You can keep the flowers in storage safety for two days. This is an effective strategy because the flowers will have a chance to re-hydrate before the event. […]

6 Ways To Care For Fresh Flowers