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Three Powerful Shots to Alkalize Your Body and Start Your Day Right Mornings are usually rough. Most of us fell… how to put it… well, less than stellar I suppose. Every morning, you’re probably feeling stiff, achy all over and the pillow is just calling your name to get back, stay in and sleep a couple of additional hours. So […]

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Remedies to Stop Hair Loss Naturally Hair loss prevention can be a difficult thing to be deal with and an emotional experience for some. And if you don’t act fast, you may go completely bald. While hair loss can be troublesome, the good news is that you don’t have to jump between chemical exposure and expensive treatments in order to […]

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Top 3 Weight influencing Hormones The urge to lose weight, get in shape and stay slim is as old as time. You’ve probably fought weight gain every year but you’ve been unsuccessful. Weight issues are real and affect your self-esteem, confidence as well as your perception of beauty. For eons, you’ve heard and seen it in magazines, on runways and […]

Top 3 Weight Influencing Hormones