Everything You Need To Know About Social Media 50 comments
The Secret to Perfect Social Media Visuals (Infographic) Internet users are focused on visuals as much as they are content. When you’re trying to promote your content and bring people to your website, the best way to grab their attention is by following today’s top social media best practices, and using fun visuals to catch their eyes. Today I’ll show […]

The Secret to Perfect Social Media Visuals (Infographic)

1-The Oh My Heartsie Girls Wordless Wednesday
✸ It’s Here & It’s A New Addition To The Oh My Heartsie Girls Wordless Wednesday PayPal Flash Cash and Your Chance To Win $60.00 Bucks Who Wouldn’t Want Some Extra Cash? We Welcome You and Happy To Have Your Join Us for Another Fun Week of Features and New Blogs and Visits From Our Co-Hosts ❣❣ Join Us as a Co-Host […]

Oh My Heartsie Girls Wordless Wednesday

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I haven’t written about blogging for a while but when I was introduced to this tool, I just had to share. It is a really easy to use and I had fun trying out, I put in a few words(preferably nouns) and it comes up with an idea/title for my post, just like I did for this one. But not […]

A Tool Everyone In The Blog Industry Should Be Using

Common Newbie Internet Marketing Mistakes 4 comments
Are You Thinking About Starting Your Own Blog? I will cover a few ideas on what to expect when contemplating building your first blog or if you have been blogging for a short while and find you need more information. Common Newbie Internet Marketing Mistakes As a newbie internet marketer, you are bound to make a few mistakes when you’re first starting out, […]

Newbie Bloggers Learning Curves

Niche 4 comments
So you think your have figured out your niche? You may have heard that internet marketing is a great way to generate an income from home. That is true, because many people are successfully working from home or using their work at home income to supplement the income they earn from their traditional job or the income that their spouse […]

Think You Have Figured Out Your Niche

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Do you need inspiration for a dessert for Fathers Day? I would like to share what I have found in my travels through friends blogs and other places. Is there one that just looks so good you want to try it? And if you have not had a chance, join us for Weekends Are Fun and share your latest posts. NEW […]

Pinterest Berry Deserts with Weekends Are Fun