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 Welcome to The Ultimate Party on G+! I wanted to highlight one of our entries from last week as she talks about “blogging for compassion”, there are a group of bloggers that are writing stories about compassion, but to fully understand visit Chronicles of A Lumpy Person to read the whole story! Why do we do a G+ party at […]

It’s The Ultimate G+ Party

Ziplist REcipe Plugin Enhancing Your Seo Oh My Heartsie Girl Review 600x90 2 comments
I researched online for different ways and plugins that were offered for adding a recipe to my blog and decided on Ziplist. It is fairly new, the plugin for WordPress has been available since June. I just started using Ziplist to offer my recipes on my blog, it is really easy to use, lets you add nutritional values, servings per […]

What Do You Know About Ziplist Recipe Plugin

Many People Thinking of Questions 2 comments
Source Right Question Dot Org Many questions arise when a blog goes offline or when it cant be found, links are broken, and you can’t find a post. I have been having this experience lately and was just informed by my Webmaster that his server has been overloading. So I wanted to let you know that my blog will be […]

Offline-Online Server Update Tonight

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What you need to know about using Google+ How is Google+ different than other social networks? ⇒Microblogging Format ⇒Gaining new followers ⇒Do Follow Links [ Correction to this statement see below] ⇒Network with strategic circles (Niche) ⇒Private or Public Communities 1. Google+ is a microblogging format, where you can write a post on Google+ as if you would on your blog with a […]

5 Reasons To Use Google+