3 Simple Money-Saving Beauty Tips 2 comments
On average, every woman in the US spends upwards of $2000.00 on toiletries and beauty products every year. Only 15 percent of that money is actually spent by companies on ingredients and manufacturing. What accounts for the rest of the spending? Branding, marketing, and insanely high markups. The large cosmetics companies’ everyday conspires to convince us that our successes and […]

3 Simple Money-Saving Beauty Tips

Skin protection is a lifelong pursuit requiring daily vigilance. One jar of anti-wrinkle cream will never be enough to keep your skin’s healthy look. Learn skin care practices that keep your skin looking beautiful every day and protect it from potential damage. Never Skip Sunscreen  Sunscreen protects you from the UV rays that cause skin cancer. Those UV rays also […]

Our Skin Needs Sunscreen All Year Long

The Guide to Your First Botox Ever
The Guide to Your First Botox Ever It probably won’t come as any surprise to you that the number of people using Botox is on a rise. You may have read online that it’s all very simple and straightforward, but still have a few unanswered questions. Ideally you will want to hear reviews from people who have actually had the procedure […]

The Guide to Your First Botox Ever

Skinicity Skin Centre 1 comment
A Guide to Modern Skincare Techniques Everyone wants to have healthy, clear and radiant skin and now it is more achievable than ever before thanks to the many modern skincare techniques that are readily available. There are a number of natural and cosmetic treatments on offer that will combat everything from wrinkles and sun damage to pigmentations and sagging skin, and it is […]

6 Reasons That Cause Our Skin Damage-A Guide To Skincare ...