Flooring Sets Tone for Home Décor
Flooring Sets Tone for Home Décor When you walk into a room, it’s likely the first thing you notice is the flooring. After all, it may be the largest expanse in the space, and it tends to catch the eye. There are many options in flooring, and a lot of the decision depends on where you live, how you live, […]

Flooring Sets Tone for Home Décor

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Last week I featured the color “Magenta”, this week the color to reflect on is the many shades of ♥Yellow”!  #MondaysReflection ♥ Yellow symbolizes wisdom, energy, and expresses your creativity. ♥ Put some yellow in your life if you when you want: ♥ It will give you clarity of thinking ♥ Helps to cope with exhaustion, nervousness, panic ♥ Helps to concentrate and memory improvement […]

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