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You may be lucky enough to have outdoor living space of your own, but you are using it to its fullest potential? It is easy to use up all of your decorating energy on the indoor portion of your home, but you can make over your patio or yard in a few relatively simple steps. Here are four easy ways to spruce up your backyard.

Wicker Furniture for Spring 2016
1. Flowers and plants: natural decorations
Whether your outdoor space is a full yard or simply a balcony, adding potted plants and flowers is an easy way to give the space a facelift. Hanging plants can provide additional privacy on a porch or balcony, and window boxes offer a low-maintenance way to add some flora to your space. If you want to try your hand at gardening, consider an urban herb garden as a first step; basil is a resilient herb that you can grow in a simple plant pot.

2. Experiment with lighting
There are countless outdoor lighting solutions on the market today, offering everything from hanging lanterns to outdoor lamps. The benefit of adding lighting to an outdoor area is the relative ease with which you can change lighting configurations. Experiment with hanging lights from a ceiling beam, wrapping strings of lights around trees, and even adding solar powered walkway lights. You will be amazed what a different a little light makes.

3. Invest in outdoor furniture
One of the best ways to ensure that you spend more time outdoors is by making your outdoor space comfortable and inviting. Consider adding seating solutions to your deck, patio, or yard with durable all-weather furniture. Companies like Wicker Paradise offer outdoor wicker furniture in a range of styles and sizes. By adding furniture to your yard, you will create an additional area for entertaining guests or simply enjoying your morning coffee.

4. Make your own art installation
If you feel particularly creative, try your hand at making an outdoor art installation. The sky is the limit when selecting materials, and you may find a new use for the clutter in your closet or basement. You can also repurpose leftover landscape design elements into a creative sculpture for your outdoor area. Building your installation can be a solo effort or a way to spend time together as a family.

Outdoor spaces are often neglected, but they are perfect places to experiment with bold or trendy designs. With a minimum of labor and expense, you can turn a plain deck, balcony, or backyard into an entirely new environment. Try something new, and get more joy out of your whole home.

4 Ways To Enjoy Your Yard


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