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Choosing the right outfit for a special occasion is never easy and the usual guidelines we get can confuse us even more. Since picking clothes should be fun and not so stressful, we’re gonna clarify the most common outfit categories and lead you to the perfect look for you.

Black tie

For women

This phrase itself isn’t enough to guide you to the expected outfit, so you’ll have to take the purpose of the event and a venue you’re going to into consideration. The safest way is to pick a long gown – especially if you’re invited to a fancy wedding, charity gala or awards ceremony. You don’t have to literally wear a black coloured outfit; you can go with any other colour and pattern depending on your preferences and skin tone, but you can also go for a little black dress that would be more appropriate for some serious business events.

Keep in mind that jewelry is must-have, but you should choose one statement piece, like a dramatic necklace or dangling earrings, and match other accessories according to it. Also, don’t forget that a lady isn’t a lady if she hasn’t an evening bag, so make sure to bring it with you. black-tie-01

For men

Good news is that this dress code won’t give you a headache, but bad news is that it also won’t give you too much room to express yourself, because there’s only one expected outfit when it comes to this dress code – a tuxedo, preferably a black one with a matching black bow tie.

Creative black tie

For women

You should stay formal and serious as if you were choosing a classic “black tie” dress, but also be trendy in the same time. Find out what are the latest fashion trends and choose some extravagant gown that will express your personality. creative-black-tie-01

For men

It’s similar to a classic black tie dress code, but more fun. Feel free to experiment with colours, but don’t exaggerate with some crazy unusual combinations – better stick to proven ones, like black and red, for example. You can step out of a formal dress code by wearing a shirt, tie or bow-tie in colours other than white and black.  creative-black-tie-02


For women

If you’re going to a cocktail party, choose a playful and feminine dress. It shouldn’t be too long or too short either – the perfect length would be a little above or a little under your knees; to be more exact – a dress shouldn’t be higher than your fingertips when you are standing with your hands at your sides.

If you feel more comfort with a simpler and reduced look, stick to some classic option, like a little black dress (it will never let you down), but in that case, go for sophisticated materials, for example, lace, chiffon or velvet. You can always bright it up with some fun accessories and high heels. coctail-01

For men

Surprise! This dress code will also require you to wear a suit, but this time preferably in some dark shade. Combine it with a tie in a matching colour.  cocktail-02

Business formal

For women

This may not sound too helpful, but the key for creating a formal business look is to be dressed up but not too dressed up in the same time. Choose a well-tailored body shaped dress or a pencil skirt or elegant pants combined with a shirt or a blouse. Stick to some neutral and classic colours, like black, grey, navy or some brighter ones, like white, beige or light blue.

If you want to make a statement, don’t wear anything in a bold colour such as red or yellow, better save it for details, like a belt, accessories or shoes. business-formal-01

For men

It’s known that a business man is a man in suit, so don’t try to change that. It doesn’t have to be too formal, but it still has to be a nice jacket and pants. Either a tie or a bow tie is required. Don’t wear too bright colours, stick to natural ones instead (grey and navy are recommended choices). business-formal-02

Business casual

For women

If you have this dress code in your office, consider yourself as a lucky girl. It means that you can wear almost anything you want, as long as it’s not ripped jeans, a track suit, cropped tops, sneakers, etc. Pants, nice jeans or a trendy skirt combined with a blouse or a t-shirt with a blazer would be just enough for a great look.  business-casual-01

For men

Unlike for women, for men it’s not ok to wear jeans. Instead, they should wear slacks or chinos combined with a tucked-in shirt. Style advisors from Kent and Lime recommend to use a jacket to balance your look – wear it if you want to make your pants + sneakers combo fancier but don’t wear it if the rest of your outfit is fancy enough on its own.

Dress codes usually communicate that you should dress up for some special occasion, but it’s important to choose outfits in which you can breathe and move freely. It doesn’t really matter what you’ll wear if the clothes are too tight or heels too high, which will make you feel uncomfortable and anxious. The most important is to feel good from the inside and the outside glamour will come spontaneously. business-casual-02

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