Unsure What to Do with a Loved Ones Ashes? Here’s Why You Should Consider Cremation Diamonds

Unsure What to Do with a Loved Ones Ashes? Here’s Why You Should Consider Cremation Diamonds

The death of a loved one creates an empty space that can never be filled.

After death, the funeral arrangements need to be made for the departed soul. The family at this point has to make an important decision – whether they want to go for a traditional burial or get the body cremated.

In the United States, a new trend is rising in popularity where cremation is being preferred over traditional burial. Americans are looking for ways to cut down on funeral costs. All in all, more than 50% of US citizens are opting for cremation over burialsCremation Diamonds-1

A cremation diamond

Today, individuals desire more affectionate ways to memorialize the deceased. Thereby, with this change the need for unique and personalized ideas has increased to a great extent.

Ashes into Diamonds

One popular cremation idea is turning ashes into diamonds. Cremation diamonds are a popular and a relatively expensive trend, where individuals can preserve their loved one for a lifetime.

The demand for cremation jewelry has increased in the United States over the past couple of decades. Many people are opting to turn their cremation ashes into diamonds and ornaments to pay respect to the departed souls. Moreover, it is also expected that the demand for cremation jewelry is likely to increase in the years to come.

Why Choose Cremation Jewelry?                                                                                                                     

Cremation jewelry is on the rise as family members are looking for more beautiful ways to preserve the remains of those that they’ve lost.

Cremation Diamonds-2 A cremation ring with prong setting

A cremation diamond is made from the ashes and hair of the deceased. As the human body is made of carbon, the ashes contain a good quantity of pure carbon that can be transformed into a shining, bright diamond.

The process of turning cremation ashes into a diamond is beautiful. Ashes and hair of the deceased are exposed to high pressure and temperature in a specialized machine while making the diamond. The machine creates a similar environment found in mines, producing synthetic diamonds of the finest cut, color and carat.

It is normal for people to be scared about investing in a cremation diamond as the concept is very creepy and if you don’t know anything about it, you may be apprehensive. However, if you spend time on understanding the concept, then only will you be able to understand the importance of such a possession.

If you are still confused, here are a few reasons why you should consider investing in cremation diamonds and jewelry:

Distinct Character

All ashes produce a distinct pattern that is reflected in the design of the cremation diamond. This gives the piece a unique and distinct charm. The patterns made due to the ashes give a beautiful look to the diamond. It’s like preserving someone in a manner where all they do is sparkle and brighten up your life.

Cremation Diamonds-3Custom designed cremation jewelry

Whilst you can get gravestones personalized and custom-made urns to keep the ashes, neither of those options even comes close to having a one-of-a-kind diamond created that encompasses your loved one.

A Precious Keepsake

Cremation Diamonds-4  A cremation diamond as precious keepsake

Diamonds made from cremation ashes are a reflection of true love. When you decide to get a gemstone made from the ashes, it emphasizes on how valuable they were to you. Any type of diamond is a valuable possession, but an ashes to diamond is even more valuable and precious.

One needs to understand the worth of diamonds to understand the importance of them as a precious keepsake. Naturally, a diamond takes millions of years to develop. Miners spend many days and nights in mines to extract them. Later, the diamond is sent to the laboratory where it is cultivated. The procedure again takes several months.

When an individual opts for cremation diamonds, the ashes are first filtered where any chemical impurities are removed. The procedure itself requires several rounds of filtering to get 99% carbon. Once done, the carbon is exposed to high temperature and pressure. The process might take months or even over a year in some cases.

A cremation diamond is not just about money. You won’t care about how much it’s worth in cash, only how much it’s worth in sentimental value. You will never want to part with it, as that would mean parting with your lost love one for good. It will be something you can carry round with you at all times (e.g. if you get the diamond made into a necklace), or something that you can store in a safe space.

Viable Investment

 A ring brightly showing a unique memorial diamond

A cremation diamond is a viable investment that will enable you to stay close to your loved ones forever. Many individuals get apprehensive about investing in a memorial diamond due to the high cost involved. People wonder if the investment made will be worthwhile or not, if they will get an authentic cremated diamond or if the ashes will be mistreated.

All these issues can be catered to by choosing a reputable diamond manufacturer who strives hard to deliver perfection, great quality and excellent customer service. Diamonds made from cremation ashes may cost more, but their worth is priceless.

If you want to know more about pricing, one well-known place you can look is LONITÉ. The Swiss company LONITÉ’s prices start at $1,600. Although this may seem like a lot initially, when you consider what you’ll get in return, it’s an investment worth considering. You can get in touch with LONITÉ via their website if you want more information on what you’ll be paying for.

Honoring the Deceased

When you decide to invest in a cremation diamond you give honor, love and respect to the ones who have passed away. While remains may be of no monetary value, a cremated diamond has immense significance which will reflect upon the love and feelings you had for one another.

It is not easy to let go of the things that are extremely important to you, but when you turn ashes into diamonds, you give a whole new meaning to honoring the departed.

Graded and Certified

When investing in diamonds, it is important to know about the grading and certification. The grading and certification report will help you judge the quality of the diamond.  The memorial diamond will be evaluated on the basis of color, cut, clarity and carat size. This will help to give you a better idea about the worth of your possession. If you choose a reliable manufacturer, they should already be certified by the GIA and IGI.

Memorial Diamonds are certified with GIA and IGI

Cremation diamonds are a beautiful piece of jewelry that are manufactured using the remains of your loved ones. This makes them extremely valuable and adds a personal charm to the piece of jewelry.

If a loved one has passed away, use their ashes and transform them into a diamond. This way, you will not just be keeping them close to yourself, but will be honoring them in a way that will make their life eternal.


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