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Make These Small Changes for a Mid-Century Retro LookMid-Century DecoratingThe Mid-Century Modern look defined the decades after World War II through the late 1960s, or early ‘70s, according to some. The simple, minimalistic look of the time brought “casual living” in as the central focus of the era’s style. No longer did ornate furniture and intrinsically designed fixtures decorate the home, but instead, bold lines and unexpected shapes and colors were injected into the design. However, if this is the look you want to achieve, you don’t have to do a complete overhaul to go back in time. Here are a few small changes you can make to achieve a Mid-Century feel. Mid-Century DoorsFront Door
The first thing visitors see upon entering your home is your front door. Choose a style that includes strong lines and pronounced flat panels. Opt for a design with a tall singular panel or multiple layers of thin, horizontal rectangles. Don’t be afraid to paint your door in a vibrant color. Teal, orange, red and bright green are a few options that will add a pop to your exterior.

Mid-Century ClocksClocks
Switch out your wall clocks for funkier styles. The Mid-Century home had clocks in bold styles that rivaled any wall art. The sunburst clock was an extremely popular style, with protrusions created out of just about any long, thin material including shiny metals or brightly painted wood pieces. Another popular sunburst clock style included long thin metal rods protruding from the center, topped off with balls of fiberglass in a mix-match of fun colors. Lighting PincoLighting
Add pendant lighting over your dining room table or counters. Hanging drop downlights with an array of sizes of globes on the end can immediately add a Mid-Century look. Choose non-ornate, basic-shaped lamp bases with large shades for side tables. Doorknobs PincoKnobs
For an easy modification in the kitchen, change out your cabinet handles for square, metal knobs. This quick fix can also work on drawers, desks and other furniture pieces. Random furnitureFurniture
Exchange a few key pieces of furniture for items with clean, simple lines. Pick a chair that is basic in design, possibly with a straight back or narrow wooden arms. Tables should be minimalistic and multi-functional. Go thrifting for a basic wooden desk reminiscent of the quality expected in the post-war era or choose a modern day replica.

london-underground-poster-art-exhibition-regattaPoster Art
Add a few pieces of poster art to create that retro feel. Travel-inspired pieces or bold, geometric designs can be an easy way to produce a Mid-Century vibe. Abstract images and pop art were also popular choices.

  There are more types of art as seen in this banner
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You don’t have to remodel your entire home to get a Vintage Mid-Century appearance. Make a few of these small changes to go retro.

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