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Tips to Help You Look and Feel Your Best in Your New Bikini

So, you’ve taken off those extra pounds after the birth of your last child and are finally ready to hit the beach again in that new bikini you bought as motivation for your ‘get back in shape’ routine. That’s fine, but are you really ready? You may have taken off the weight and worked on tightening up those little problem areas, but if you really want to hit the beach in style, try some of these tips to help you not only look your best but feel your best as well.

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Avoid That UV Radiation at All Costs

Of course you know you are going to be exposed to direct sunlight, and lots of it, when you head out to the beach, but you can do several things to reduce the damage you would otherwise incur. For starters a high value SPF body lotion is not optional, you already know that! Want to look your best while protecting the delicate skin on your face, especially around the eyes? Wear a wide-brimmed sun hat. It is said that sunglasses protect your eyes, but if worn alone, you will notice white circles around your eyes that don’t tan evenly with the rest of the skin on your face. The workaround? Add that big and ultra-fashionable Panama hat!

Never Trim Your Bikini Line on the Same Day You Head Out

Many women, in an effort to keep their bikini line trimmed clean so as not to expose any unnecessary hair shave just prior to heading out for the beach. This can be a huge mistake if going to a salt water beach because it will sting like crazy once you hit the water. Skincare experts advise shaving and trimming the day prior so that none of the little pores and follicles are red and sensitive.

If you check out this best bikini trimmer list of 2016, you will find that these offer the closest possible trim and are renowned for being less painful than the average trimmer. But even so, trimming up the day before will ensure that you don’t suffer needlessly. You want to feel as good as you look, don’t you? Then opt for the safer way to trim your hair down there.

Surgical Tape to the Rescue

After having one or more children, especially those you’ve breastfed, you are probably not as happy with your bust line as you once were. Even here, there is a trick that can have your breasts magically lifted in moments. It is suggested that you buy a bikini with some support in the top, such as underwire, and then get out the emergency kit to get your hands on that white, waterproof medical/surgical tape.

To begin with, tape from just under the arm, drawing tightly as you place the tape on an inward path which serves to lift and actually build up the cleavage. This is one of the most remarkable tips to come along in years and years. However, there is one small thing you may wish to consider. Although the tape is waterproof, you won’t want to wear it in the water for any great length of time. This tip is for the mom who wants to show off her ‘new’ body while lounging on the shore.

With just these few tips and that new body you’ve been working on, you can be the envy of the other mothers on the beach. You will not suffer that ugly red sunburn, nor will you feel the sting it brings along with it. Your bikini line will be clean and smooth and your breasts? Who would ever guess you had just finished round 3 of breastfeeding within a half dozen years? No one – and that’s the point. Go and look your best, but most importantly? Enjoy!

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