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Why You Should Take Vitamins

By Alice Coaxum

Supplement your diet.

There are many reasons that people have poor nutrition ranging from poverty to improper eating habits and medication.

A dietary supplement can pick up the slack where your diet is lacking and propell your body towards proper nutrition and all the health benefits that accompany it.

All vitamins are not created equally so it is imperative to pick one that will offer you what your body needs.Is YOUR diet lacking? Are you and your children getting proper NUTRITION?

Is your diet lacking? Proper nutrition is not just for children.

With all the junk foods and fast foods available it’s no wonder that many people are missing out on the proper nutrients their bodies need to excel. It’s so easy to just microwave or wait in the drive through for a quick meal.

Are we really that short on time? Many people simply don’t make the time to prepare nutritious meals. They want quick and easy. If you can make time for watching television or surfing on your favorite social networking site, you have a few minutes to throw a healthy and tasty meal together.

Those fat and calorie laden meals often don’t give us what our body needs. They make us sluggish and overweight over time.

Is nutrition just important for children?

Many parents give their children the best and forget about themselves. Proper nutrition is not just for children. Adult bodies have specific nutrition needs as well. This isn’t a good practice because children watch what you do, they don’t just listen to what you say. If they see that you aren’t eating right, they might be more apt to eat healthy themselves. Show them the way and they may stay on the right path with their meals.

In a declining economy many simply cannot afford to purchase all of the necessary foods to restore nutrition in their bodies. When trying to eat healthy, it can really add up at the register, especially if you have a large family. However it is well worth it to try to eat as healthy as you can. Save money by giving up convenience products, sodas and junk food.

However, even if you eat healthy most of the time, you’ll still need supplements to insure that your body is absorbing the right amount of certain minerals and vitamins.

There are many factors that can deplete our bodies of precious nutrients and we can’t expect our body to put out what we are not putting in. Supplements help supply our bodies with what is lacking in nutrients.


Alice Coaxum is a happily married homeschooling mother of 4 teenage daughters. She is a Beachbody Coach who help others to improve their health and fitness writer. You can create a free account at Team Beachbody to track your measurements, log your workouts and make new friends and workout buddies.


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  • margaret peg m

    if it’s possible, get a blood test ordered from your doctor and you’ll be amazed at what vitamins you may be lacking. when i started taking vitamins my dr. ordered, i started to feel good again.