Three Ways To Add A Quilt To Your Home Without Dating Your Living Space

Quilting is an important part of history. This age-old craft dates back many centuries and is currently recognized as an art. Started out of the need for adequate warmth and quality, and attractive bedding, quilting was also a common, social event in which women worked together to produce breathtaking pieces for their households. Adding a quilt to your living environment is a great way to pay homage to this practice. Despite their old-fashioned look, rustic quilts can be the perfect addition to even the most contemporary home designs. Following are three strategies for incorporating these often colorful blankets into your space, without dating it.

Use Your Quilt As A Statement Piece

If you have an heirloom quilt that you want to show off, think about using it in a bold and unconventional way. A lot of people are hanging their heirloom quilts in decorative, shadowboxes that showcase these blankets as the works of art that they truly are. When you use this strategy, you’ll have the ability to modernize even the most old-fashioned quilt designs by simply choosing the right frame. With a handmade quilt that’s been passed down for generations, this is the absolute best way to show your prized possession off, without subjecting it to possible damage. Moreover, this is a decorating strategy that you can still use, even if you’ve purchased your quilt ready-made from a trusted quilt supplier like Pauls Home FashionsCourtesy of Anne Hepfer

Liven Your Entire Space Up With Plenty Of Patterns, Prints And Textures

Quilts often include a variety of patterns, textures, and prints that give them a very eclectic look overall. One strategy for avoiding a dated look when decorating with these items is simply not making them the focus of a central theme. Rather than building your space around your quilt, create a room that is filled with elements that complement and coordinate with your blanket. When you do, this addition will blend seamlessly into the existing decor, rather than setting the tone for the entire room.

Add A Pop Of Color To A Minimalist Space

If you really want your quilt to stand out and are reticent to include it in a mounted, wall display, you may want to take a minimalist approach to decorating the room itself. This way, the colors and patterns of your quilt won’t have to compete for attention with other decorative elements. In an otherwise monochromatic room, a lively quilt is guaranteed to draw the eye. Moreover, consciously adding small pops of color and texture to otherwise basic spaces will produce a perfectly polished and unified look all-around.


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