Looking For Ways To Save Your Wilted Bouquets-4 Cool Things to Do with Dried Petals

4 Cool Things to Do with Dried Petals

4 Cool Things to Do with Dried Petals

There is this certain emotion that you feel once you have received a bouquet of fresh blooms from your loved ones. You get to feel more loved and appreciated when someone sends you flowers, whether there’s a special occasion or they just simply remembered you.

A bouquet of blossoms will always be one of the most popular presents you can give to your special someone, It has been a symbol of love ever since. That is why many people send flowers to their family members, relatives, partners, or friends even when there’s no occasion to celebrate.

Apparently, there are a lot of varieties of blooms which you can choose from to send to your loved ones. You may opt for bouquet of roses from Fresh Flowers or a bundle of peonies, calla lilies, and tulips. It does not really matter what kind of flower or how much the bouquet costs. Instead, it is the thought that counts.

If you are to receive a bouquet of beautifully arranged blossoms, then you can do the following cool things when the petals have dried or the flowers wilted:

Make potpourri

One of the most common things that you can do with dried flowers is to make potpourri. In order to make the most out of the flowers you have received, you can repurpose its dried petals into a great-smelling aromatherapy. You can simply put the potpourri into a glass jar or basket anywhere you want in your home.

Press the dried flowers

Another cool thing you can do when flowers get dried is to press them. In fact, pressed blossoms have a lot of uses, such as bookmarks, thank you notes, greeting cards, artwork, and invitations. This is a great way to personalize the cards you give to your family or friends. It simply shows your creativity and effort to make your loved ones happy and feel special.

Create a new centerpiece or wreath

There is no need to buy holiday wreaths for you can make your own through dried flowers. All you need to do is to search online for various designs and ideas on how to create one. More so, you can just hang these on the wall, doors, or windows of your home.

Frame dried blossoms

Receiving a bouquet of elegant flowers is truly memorable, especially if it came from someone who matters to your life. So, if you want to remind yourself of this meaningful gift, you can frame it. Then you can hang it on your walls or place in the shelves. This way, it can add personal touch to your sweet haven or the entire home.

All in all, a bouquet of blossoms can still be useful even when it dried or wilted. As long as you are resourceful and have a creative mind, you can always find different ways to repurpose dried petals and flowers. Simply take into consideration the smart tips mentioned above and you are able to make the most out of your sophisticated bouquet of blooms.

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