Wedding Style Guide for Women in 40’s and 50’s

Wedding Style Guide for Women in 40’s and 50’s:

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Wedding day is definitely one of the most important days in any girl’s life, so you should make sure that everything is perfect – even the tiniest little detail. However, many women get frightened with the whole idea of planning on this special day, especially if they are over the age of 40. If you are one of them, too, don’t worry – we understand your concern.

Here is a wedding style guide for women in their 40’s and 50’s, so check it out and see how to handle it without stressing out.


Avoid dressing too young for one simple reason – that will make you look even older than you are. Also, try not to choose miniskirts, no matter how fabulous your legs look. If you think that baggy clothes are one of the best possible choices for such an occasion – then think again. Even though such clothes are said to cover up your imperfections, the truth is that these will make you look sloppy and messy, plus the fact that you will seem bulkier than you actually are. Just look for the pieces that will give you beautiful shape.
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Besides that, being over 40 is the right time for you to stop keeping up with the current trends no matter what – trends come and go, your personal style is timeless. When it comes to colours, make sure that you don’t wear the same ones you did in your 20’s – at least not against your face.


Women over 40 are simply fabulous, and we can than thank Carrie Bradshaw a.k.a. Sarah Jessica Parker for reminding us of that. Just think of the gorgeous, breathtaking Vivienne Westwood’s wedding gown she wore in Sex and the City Movie that all of us were completely smitten with. This movie is also a great guide for all the women out there who would like to add a touch of extravagance to their special day.
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However, if you prefer the timeless chic, choose a classic outfit that will make you look sophisticated and elegant, but also very modern at the same time.

When it comes to colours, it is generally a good idea to choose pastels or earthy tones instead of bright and vivid ones – this is particularly important when it comes to makeup and accessories. If you would like to take your outfit to the next level, opt for a pantsuit or glamorous all-in-one – these are amazing alternatives to the traditional wedding dress.

Style Your Man Up

Besides the bride’s outfit for the most important day of her life, there is something as important as that – the groom’s outfit. If your husband-to-be is over 40, too, you should know that, unless he is hitting the gym every day, his body looks slightly different than just a decade ago, so it is important to find a suit that fits perfectly. For this reason, you should recommend fabulous custom made suits that are fantastic for several reasons. Firstly, these were very popular in the last few seasons (and they still are), especially with celebrities who look flawless in them. Secondly, these are a great investment, since your future husband will get a suit that is tailored specifically to his body shape. Such a piece is definitely worth all the cost.
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As you can see, brides over 40 and 50 have so many options on their hands, despite the fact that they may feel too old for a bridal experience. Love knows no limits and age is just a number – it doesn’t matter how old you are, but how you are feeling on the inside. An appropriate outfit will just complement your state of mind, which is great. After all, a gorgeous smile should be your main accessory!

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