Where Do You Shop For Phone Cases and Accessories?

Does everyone have a cell phone, I know everyone in my family has one and they all have some sort of case, some are fancy while others are basic. I have a fun case with rhinestones and it provides safety when I drop my phone, which I do, on to many occasions. But I get bored with cases, as a girl like to change up her accessories, I found a great site, www.casehaven.com.au that has many choices, you can shop by brands for Iphones and Samsung, including some made with leather, one that I saw, has three card slots on the back of the case offer a convenient place to store ID and credit cards, that snaps onto a phone. Perfect if you like to keep your phone in your bag or pocket and don’t want to worry about the screen getting scratched by keys or other items  Their mission for customers is to offer the most fashionable and functional mobile extras around.  Then as I was checking through their site I found a case that is made to hold a selfie stick, check it out: Multi Coloured Iphone Selfie Stick and caseThe handy Selfie Stick iPhone Case conveniently transforms from a normal case to a selfie stick, so you can take selfies wherever you are without carrying around extra gadgets. Why carry 2 things at once?

Simply pull out the stick and rotate it when you need to utilize it to take a quick selfie. The case is made up of aluminum segments and smoothly slides in and out. Use it to take wide shots or snap a group picture without leaving anyone out.

The case also functions as a stand to watch videos on your iPhone and is available in a variety of colours. Be the envy of all your friends and purchase yours today!

Whether you need to charge your phone on the go, need a case combo to take that ultimate selfie or just need some added protection to prevent scratches they also offer screen protectors for the front of your phone to give that added protection. Tempered Glass Phone Protector

So I thought what other things do they have in their store, so while I was perusing the site they also carry products such as tablet cases for Ipads and Samsung, one that was attractive to me was the case made in leather, Handcrafted design and made of the finest vintage leather, this iPad case is sleek, stylish and sophisticated.  Leather Phone Case

But they also have other accessories like a Arm Car Mount, anti-vibration windshield suction provides strong and steady performance to hold your phone for hands-free driving and as we know we are not suppose to be using our phone for safety sake while driving,  right? Case Haven Long Arm Window Mount

Case Heaven carries quality products that are affordable, with lots of options and choices., if you have time stop by and check out their store.



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