Have You Ever Wondered How to Set up a Tropical Fish Tank?

Have You Ever Wondered How to set up a tropical fish tank? 

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Freshwater tropical fish tanks are incredibly beautiful and can lighten up a space the second they have been installed. They are a source of joy and coziness, they create a unique atmosphere in any room and they are great for kids.

Setting up a tropical fish tank isn’t rocket science, but it is an activity that requires attention to details and a little bit of math. Luckily, you don’t have to struggle, as you will find all the information that you need in this article.

What are the steps to setting up a tropical fish tank?

  1. Choose a spot
  2. Decide whether you will have a heated or unheated aquarium
  3. If it is heated, decide on the temperature
  4. Choose a heating system
  5. Buy an aquarium that suits the needs of the pet fish that you will buy
  6. Make sure that the tank will fit perfectly into your home or office
  7. Consider using live plants, substrates, small trees and live rocks
  8. Choose a filtering system
  9. Choose a dechlorinator
  10. Use decorations and accessories that will help you simulate a natural habitat or the fish
  11. Use a thermometer
  12. Choose a lighting system and a hood
  13. Choose the right fish for the environment that you have just created How to set up a tropical fish tank?

Except for the above steps, there are other rules that not everyone thinks about when setting up a tropical fish tank. First of all, you must make sure that the surface you will place the aquarium on will support its weight. A fish tank that is filled with water can be very heavy and if you don’t make sure that it is properly supported, disasters can take place.

The size of the tank is extremely important from this perspective. The larger the tank, the heavier it will be when filled with water. Its size will also determine the number of fish, live rock and decorations that you will be able to put inside.

For instance, if you want to host small, active fish, a medium sized tank with a capacity of 90 to 150 litters is great. A very small tank (or a nano tank) with a capacity of about 45 liters is suitable for less active fish. If you want to have larger fish in your aquarium, you should go for a tank with a volume suitable for 180 to 225 liters.

Choosing the right equipment is very important. The filtering and lighting systems must be high quality in order to last and do their job. Also, it is important to set up an environment that simulates the natural habitat of the fish, one in which they can hide, seek, hunt or swim actively and where they can even breed. Make sure that you add plenty of natural or fake vegetation, rocks and hiding spots. Also, make a cleaning schedule and ensure that the food you give your fish makes as little mess as possible, as pet fish like to live in fresh, clean environments.


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