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What I Write About-Oh My Heartsie GirlHaving the desire, skill and determination to write a novel is not enough. You also need to have an idea for a topic. Of course, getting a great idea for a story that will capture a reader’s attention is much easier said than done. However, there are several tips that may help you in your quest to think of the idea for a perfect book. Writer’s block has plagued many authors over the centuries, so do not let it get you down. Here is some helpful advice for writing a book.

1. Write about what you know
This is one of the easiest ways for you to avoid the dreaded writer’s block. For example, you might be a big fan of martial art. Perhaps you have studied various forms of martial arts for your entire life. You consider yourself to be an expert on this topic. This would be an ideal subject to weave into your story. This is not to say that your book needs to be about martial arts, but you could have one of the main characters be a martial arts master. You could have one of the main locations be a gym or school that teaches various martial arts. You can use your knowledge regarding this subject to include details that other authors would gloss over. If you know a lot about mountain climbing, you can write an adventure novel that has a great deal of mountain climbing in it. Just keep the subject matter within your sphere of knowledge.

2. Set a time to write each day
Many authors such as Daniel Handler find it helpful to have a scheduled time to do their writing each day. This type of regimented work schedule can help you to keep focused on the task at hand. While writing when you feel like it is fine for some people, it does not work when you are trying to think of ideas. If you force yourself to write, you may find that some outstanding ideas will come out.

3. Always carry a recorder
Nowadays, digital records are the most efficient. However, a microcassette recorder will also be fine. It is always important to have a recorder with you because you never know when a great idea will pop into your mind. While you could write it down, you can be much more descriptive in much less time with a recorder.

Lets discuss how you determine what you write about.Do you stay within your niche a subject you know about or do you try new subjects?


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