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Writing an Essay on RacismHooks for Writing an Essay about Racism

“I can’t make up a decent hook for my paper on racism, all I have is not enough for a good piece of writing.” These are words of a despair student who has lost any hope to compose a profound work on the racial discrimination topic. Some of the pupils decide to put the lines that they have typed with some great efforts, no matter how poor they are. Others are asking for the help of professional writers and teachers. However, if you don’t want to give up and you are primed for a victory, we are glad to provide you with some samples of great and catchy hooks as well as some tips on composing your own brilliant hook. Spider Essay Writers are well known as professionals in their field.

What to Do to Create a Good Attention Grabber?

To find a sentence grabbing readers’ attention from the first words, you need to get acquainted with the topic itself. The more you read about it the more ideas will come up to you.

Think a little about the nature of racism, why it is still acute, and what the prejudices for it are. Racial discrimination is a social phenomenon in the core of which there is hostility to people of different religions, skin colors, and origins. The subject is so complex and diverse for you to have a big choice of aspects to muse about. You can inform a reader about the origin of a problem, some statistics, or scientific research.

However, let us leave it because it is time to give you some examples and ideas for inspiration.

Samples and Pieces of Advice

Today’s psychological research has lots of facts and theories to muse about the problem.  One of the experiments proved that not only “white people” willingly shoot a “black” guy who can be dangerous (even if there is no proof of it), but many African Americans choose this guy, too. The scholars came to the point that modern racism is the result of mass media, rap music, and movie industry’s influence.

Besides, you can ground your eye-catching sentences on some historical facts:

  • “Is every “black” person a bad man, or the mass media just want us to think so?”
  • “Can you imagine a rap music to be created by a white person? Or a famous jazz musician who has a European look? The prejudices don’t appear for no reason at all.”
  • “Imagine you are walking along a dark and shabby street. Who do you prefer to meet a white person or an Afro-American?”
  • “Although the modern society is not centered on the idea of “white supremacy”, and we can meet representatives of different nationalities and religions at every social stratum or job position, there are still some preconceptions related with a nonsense theory of that some people are better according to some factors and others not.”
  • “Slavery can be called a kind of race discrimination as people of the past considered those who had another skin color to be not humans at all.”

We have enumerated five possible hooks to your paper above. So, you can take them as a basis for your future grabbing sentence.

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