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When Life Gives You Lemons… CLEAN!  

My son finally went off to college and I knew someday he’d pick up the phone to do more than just say “hi”, talk to his Mom, or ask for money. I knew someday he’d ask for some of my fatherly advice. I figured he would want to know about something scholastic, or maybe a girl problem. Nope. The day he called for advice it started with “My roommate is a slob! Our apartment is a mess! I can’t take it!”  Of course I’m still assuming it’s a girl situation, and he’s embarrassed to introduce a girl to this involuntary lifestyle that he is forced to live in, or at least this is what I’m telling myself. My first thought was “call your Mom at work”. I absolutely know she has the answer because I’ve been told by her what I haven’t cleaned right since I said “I do”.

The thing is he called me. This has to be a “Dad mission” for some reason, even if I’m confused to as why. If you open a dictionary and look under the word “Tidy” you will not see my picture. The custodial gift was not given to me. Many dads have this gift, and it’s great, but I am not one of them. I explained I may be the wrong person to ask because in college I pretty much was his roommate. A percentage of the money I was sent by my parents should have been used for cleaning, however if the products I was buying didn’t have the letters B-E-E or R in their title, then odds were I wasn’t concerned. It was college after all, right?

Then it hit me. He knows this story. When I met his mother, I did eventually show her my apartment. And The Place Was Sparkling Clean. She didn’t believe I did this, and she was right. It was Dave, my roommate, who couldn’t stand my “why clean” ways and did it himself. And his secret was so cheap, simple, and environmentally friendly. 

Lemons are a terrific cleaning agent. The acid in lemons is antibacterial, antiseptic, and acts as a natural bleach. Their citrus smell is refreshing.

I reached back into my memory and gave my son the same advice I am passing on to you.

ITEMS NEEDED:  Every grocery store should have the following. Some of these items you may already have in your home.

  1. Lemons (well, that one was obvious). Save some money and buy the bulk bag.
  2. Baking Soda. Inexpensive and has many uses. Cooking aisle should have plenty.
  3. Distilled White Vinegar. This stuff can be used for so much. Baking aisle again.
  4. Spray Bottle. Beauty aisle usually has ones for about 99 cents.
  5. Salt. Probably already on a shelf in your home.
  6. Clean Cloth, Towel, Sponge, Etc. Something to wipe with.
  7. A Clean Jar. A Mason Jar will do. This for the construction of the spray cleaner.
  8. Coffee Filter Or Paper Towel. This is for the construction of the spray cleaner. Turn Them into an Air Freshener


Start with making your home smell fresh. Cut a few lemons in half. Place them in a pot of water. Simmer (medium-low) on the stove. If you can smell the fresh lemon in the air then it’s working. Simmer Lemons On The Stove Make Them Into a Spray Cleaner

Use the lemon peels to infuse a household cleaner. Place peels in the jar until halfway full. Pour the vinegar over the lemon peels to the top of the jar. Close the jar and let it sit in a dark place for 2 weeks. When the time is complete open the jar and using the coffee filter (or paper towel) pour the contents of the jar slowly into the filter over the spray bottle’s opening. Close the bottle and shake. You now have an everyday household cleaner. Spray it on anything you’d normally spray and cleaner on. PS: I actually got this tip from a well known cleaning service in Denver, Alpine Maids! Spray Cleaner Made With Lemons Clean The Microwave with them

Take a few wedges of the lemons and put in a measuring cup or glass bowl. Microwave on high until the water starts to boil. This steam will cover the walls of the microwave. Wipe clean after it steams for about 2 minutes. Be careful the glass will be hot.  

Take some lemons peels, a hand  full of ice, and 3 tablespoons of Salt and toss all in the garbage disposal. Turn the disposal on. The blades get a nice sharpening and the disposals odor will be replaced by an invigorating citrus scent. Put Them Down The Disposer Clean The Shower With Them

Cut a lemon in half. Pour salt cover the exposed part of the lemon. Scrub down the shower with this as is using a washcloth or sponge to clean it. Rinse when done. This should get rid of soap scum. If you have glass doors on your shower this should work for them as well. Lemons With Soda To Clean The Shower Vacuum With A Dew Drops of Fresh Lemons

Add a few drops of lemon juice to the vacuum’s bag. Your floors will receive that fresh scent. Use a Few Drops of Lemon in Vacuum Bag

Rub a lemon wedge onto your countertop and let the juice sit for a few minutes, then wipe clean. You can also use the constructed household cleaner for this as well. Add salt if desired. Counter Tops Degrease The Stovetop With Lemons

Squeeze lemon juice onto your stovetop (more in the baked-on areas). Add a few drops of vinegar to the juice. Spread baking soda over these areas. Let sit a few minutes, then wipe down.  Clean Glass With Lemons

In a bowl mix 2 cups of water and 1 juice of a lemon. Use a cloth to wipe this solution on your windows for a streak free shine. 

Drop a Wedge of Lemon in a Glass of Water

Okay, this isn’t a cleaning solution, but you have worked hard. Cut a nice clean wedge from the lemon. Squeeze it into a nice tall glass of ice water and enjoy. You deserve it. Glass of Lemon Water

All of this doesn’t take too long. You will notice the difference. It’s around 10 dollars total, so I advised my son to not offer beer to at least 2 friends this week and BOOM the cleaning service is payed for. Hope this helped you.


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