10 Things Stylish Woman Should Have After Her 30’s: Our Guest Blogger

I have the pleasure of introducing Sophia Smith as a guest blogger;
Sophia Smith is a freelance writer from Brisbane, Australia with huge interest in beauty, makeup, fashion, photography and graphic design. Sophia is also very passionate about DIY projects. She could be described as beauty addict and life lover. She writes in mostly beauty related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. And without further adieu……….. Sophia

10 Things Stylish Women Should Have In Their 30s
They say that fashion is fleeting and style is eternal. But what is style? What are the things that a woman should possess in order to be called ‘stylish’?

If you are just a few weeks away from your thirtieth birthday, do not spend them crying over lost youth, but prepare for the best time that is in front of you: maturity.

1. Up-and-Coming Career
image 01
There is nothing more beautiful than confident and successful woman. You are not expected to earn six figure salary by the time you are thirty, but you need to start small and work hard towards that goal.

2. Personal Style
Whether it is love for haute couture, boyish look or sports elegance, it does not matter as long as it describes you for who you are as a person. You are what you wear, so experiment in your twenties and dive in your thirties with your own signature style.

3. Top-class Expensive Bag
image 02A bag is the most important fashion accessory a woman should have. Not only is it a place where you keep everything that you need to help you go through challenges the day sets for you, but it also elevates your entire look. So choose the one that you absolutely adore, that is practical, goes with almost everything you own and do not skip a day without it.
4. A Signature Flowerimage 03
Daisies are for optimists, roses for romantics, and violets for sensitive ones. Every flower says something about a person so be careful when deciding on the one to decorate your home and or your wedding bouquet, as it is what will define you as a person.

5. A Signature Perfume

image 04
You will go through many perfumes before you find the one that will put a smile on your face the moment you put it on yourself in the morning. Choose it well, as it is something that will make other people turn heads and remember you by.

6. A Signature Makeup Lookimage 05
It does not have to be anything flashy, it just has to be you. Completely natural, just a little bit of blush and mascara or an unnoticeable cat eye, and you are ready and beautiful.

7. Artworkimage 06 and image 07
A painting, a photograph or a sculpture, it does not matter, but by the time you are thirty you should have your favorite artist and have at least one of his works decorate your place, letting it not only define your, but also the style of your home.

8. Beauty Enhancementimage 08
Whether you decide on having small breast implants, almost unnoticeable lip enhancement or putting signature tattoo somewhere on your body, it has to be something you always wanted, something that will make you feel more confident. Specialists from Skin Clinic Newcastle confirm that these procedures are very popular with women in their 30s.

9. A Piece of Important Jewelryimage 09
From your mother, a grandmother or a gift from your boyfriend. A necklace, a bracelet, earrings or a ring, you must have a piece of important jewelry that you wear every single day, not matter where the road takes you.

10. A Travel Planimage 10
And finally, a plan to see the world. Clothes and accessories are a part of your personal style, but spiritual wealth is too, and the only way to earn it is by traveling, meeting other people, seeing other cultures, learning about them and understanding them. By knowing other places, you easily find yours in this chaotic world.

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